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Look for players with these icons:
  • Rank 1 leaderboard.
  • Rank 2 leaderboard.
  • Rank 3 leaderboard.
  • New player. Say hi!
  • Player on a win streak.
  • Player with the most wins.
  • Player with the most games played.
  • Player shoots the moon a lot. Watchout!
  • Computer player.

Custom games do not earn you points, count towards any stats, or affect leaderboard rankings. Custom games can be used to play with friends, experiment with strategies, or to play when you don't have time to finish a full game.
Ranked game point distributions are as follows:
  • 1st: 12
  • 2nd: 6
  • 3rd: 4
  • 4th: 3
  • Quit: 0

Clicking on a players nameplate in game can provide more options.
  • You can mute a players chat with a checkbox. Muting a player means all future chat from that player will be discarded.

The leaderboard statistics are calculated nightly. Points won will not be applied until the next day.

Leaderboards are also calculated on a rolling 30 day schedule. Points that were won greater than 30 days ago will begin to drop off a players leaderboard points. This allows new players to climb the leaderboard and compete against players that have been playing for longer.

Leaderboard points are earned by finishing a game.