1. TAKE ACTION: Tell The Department of Justice To Investigate Rupert Murdoch
    By ThinkProgress on Jul 13, 2011 at 10:29 am

    Allegations that Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation bribed police officers and tapped phones, both abroad and potentially in the U.S., may violate U.S. law. ThinkProgress has drafted a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder and SEC Chair Mary L. Schapiro demanding a full and immediate investigation into any potential illegal acts by News Corporation and their subsidiaries.
    You can sign onto the letter HERE.
    Last night, our effort was covered by Ed Schultz on MSNBC. Watch it:

    The lawyer Schultz brought on to discuss the case, Mike Papantonio, said that the U.S. government had a legitimate case against News Corp under the Foreign Corrupt Practices act.

    Elliot Spitzer, the former Attorney General of New York, said that it was not only possible that Murdoch’s News Corp violated U.S., the Department of Justice had an obligation to investigate:

    Much more importantly, the facts already pretty well established in Britain indicate violations of American law, in particular a law called the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. The Justice Department has been going out of its way to undertake FCPA prosecutions and investigations in recent years, and the News Corp. case presents a pretty simple test for Attorney General Eric Holder: If the department fails to open an immediate investigation into News Corp.’s violations of the FCPA, there will have been a major breach of enforcement at Justice.
    Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-WV), chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee, has also called for an investigation.
    Let the Department of Justice and the SEC know that you demand accountability for News Corp. Sign onto the letter HERE.

  2. Allegations
    斷言; 申述; 辯解; 主張
  3. tapped phones
  4. has drafted
  5. Attorney General
  6. subsidiaries
    a. 形容詞 輔助的, 附帶的; 次要的 Public transportation played a subsidiary role. 公共交通起輔助的作用。 隸屬的, 附設的 貼補的; 拿津貼的 n. 名詞 [C] 輔助者; 輔助物 子公司 The subsidiary is in France but the parent company is in America. 子公司在法國, 但母公司在美國。 【音】副主題
  7. legitimate
    a. 形容詞 合法的 He is the legitimate heir to the property. 他是這宗財產的合法繼承人。 合法婚姻所生的, 嫡出的[Z] 正統的 正當的, 合理的 He had a legitimate reason for being late. 他遲到有合理的理由。
  8. News Corp under the Foreign Corrupt Practices act
  9. obligation
    (道義上或法律上的)義務; 責任[C][U...
  10. undertake
    vt. 及物動詞 試圖; 著手做; 進行, 從事 We undertook a trip to the west. 我們到西部作了一次旅行。 承擔, 接受 The work was undertaken by members of the committee. 此項工作由委員會成員承擔。 同意; 答應; 保證[Y][+to-v][+(that)] I can not undertake that you will make a profit. 我不能擔保你會獲利。
  11. prosecutions
    1. 起訴, 告發; 檢舉[U][C]
  12. breach
    1. (對法律等的)破壞, 違反; (對他人權利...
  13. enforcement
    n. 名詞 實施, 執行; 強制;強迫[U] The police are responsible for the enforcement of the law. 警察負責法律的實施。
  14. call for
  15. accountability
    n. 名詞 負有責任; 應作解釋; 可說明性
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