Energy in an Ecosystem

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  1. nonliving parts in an ecosystem
    abiotic components
  2. the numbers of living organisms in an ecosystem that provide a balance between the food source and the living organisms
    balance in an ecosystem
  3. the living parts of an ecosystem
    biotic components
  4. the long-term chande in the average weather conditions
    climate change
  5. all the different populations that share an ecosystem or live together in one area
  6. the relationship between species within an ecosystem for food, space/shelter, water, sunlight, or nutrients
  7. organisms that eat ither organisms to obtain energy
  8. organisms that break down deadplants and/or animals to obtain energy
  9. the community plus all the aspects of nonliving things, such as water, air, soil, and climate
  10. any organisn that is in immediate danger of becoming extinct
    endangered species
  11. the possible effect, positive or negative, of a change or program on an ecosystem
    enviromental impact
  12. describes the way food (energy) passes from multiple organisms to other organisms
    food web
  13. the process that results in the devestation of a natural habitat causing the displacement or death of palnts and animals in that region
    habitat destruction
  14. species that is introduced into an area where it does not normally exist
    invasive species
  15. the relationship between species in an ecosystem where bothj species benefit
  16. the relationship between species within an ecosystem where one of the species benefits and the other is harmed
  17. anything added to the enviroment that is unfitting to life
  18. consists of all the members of one species in a particular area
  19. an animal that hunts and eats other animals
  20. an animal that is hunted and eaten by other animals
  21. organisms that make their own food
  22. the exhaustion or using up of materials
    resource depletion
  23. the food source for organisms in an ecosystem
    source of energy
  24. organisms that are physically similar enough to reproduce
  25. the death of one species
    species extinction
  26. the relationship where at least one species benefits and the other is unharmed, benefits, or is harmed
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