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Peswara rann yw homma a'n steus ebost KDL (Kernewek Dre Lyther). Nyns eus saw gerva an dyskansow 12, 13 ha geryow erell ynni. Nyns yw ryw an treylyans diskwedhys pub eur oll y'n rann ma, awos yw kler lieskweyth a'n gettestenn. Pan yw treylyans na welyn ni lieskweyth, diskwedhys yw. Rag dyski liesplegow henwyn nag yw saw unn dyskans y'n rann ma. Rollys diblans yns. This is the fourth part of the e-mail course KDL (Kernewek Dre Lyther). Only the wordlist of lessons 12, 13 and other words are in it. The kind of the mutation is not always shown in this part, because it is often clear from the context. When it is a mutation that we do not see often, it is shown. There is only one lesson in this part to learn the plurals of nouns. They are listed separately. 
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