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Search for card sets

This site contains flashcard sets that other people have created. The easiest way to find cards is to visit the All Cards page and use the search bar at the top.

You can also use the friends list feature to keep track of card sets that your friends have created.

And once you find the sets you are looking for, you can take the quiz on the web page or you can download those sets to the mobile app by using Card Management -> Download Cards and entering the card set id.

Let's go to the All Cards page page next where you can use the search bar or click on the search tags.

Name your Card Set

First choose a name for your card set:

Click Next to continue.

Add some Tags

Next let's add some tags. Tags are used so that you can easily search card sets you've created.

For example, you could tag your card set with "science". To add multiple tags, you can separate them with spaces, eg. "science biology".

Add a Description

And we should add a short description of your card set. This is useful for remembering what this card set contains, or to give anybody you've shared this card set with a quick overview.

For example, you could say something like: Biology chapter 5, cell organization.

Add the first card

And now let's add the first card. Enter the front of the card (question), followed by the back of the card (answer).

Complete Editing

Great, you've created your first card set, []! Let's continue on to the full card editor where you can add more cards with additional formats, styles, images etc.

Once you have finished editing, you can study the card set on your mobile device or directly on the website.

Make sure to save your progress as you continue working.