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  1. gadfly
    animal-biting fly; irritating person
  2. gaffe
    social blunder
  3. gainsay
  4. gait
    manner of walking or running; speed
  5. galaxy
    large isolated system of stars
  6. gale
    windstorm; gust of wind; emotional outburst (laughters
  7. gall
    bitterness of feeling; nerve; effrontery; ����(bile); CF. gall bladder
  8. gall
    annoy; exasperate; chafe; N: skin sore caused by rubbing (as on the skin of a horse); exasperation
  9. galleon
    large three-masted sailing ship
  10. galley
    low ship with sails (rowed along by slaves)
  11. clipper
    sailing vessel built for great speed
  12. pinnace
    small boat
  13. clip
    cut off with shears; fasten; N: something clipped off (as a short extract from film); clasp or fastener
  14. galvanize
    stimulate or shock by an electric current; stimulate by shock; shock into action; stir up; coat with rust-resistant zinc by using electricity
  15. galvanic
    of the production of electricity by the action of an acid on a metal; having the effect of an electric shock; Ex. galvanic cell; galvanic effect; CF. Luigi Galvani
  16. gambit
    opening in chess in which a piece is sacrificed; action made to produce a future advantage
  17. ploy
    strategem to gain an advantage; tactic; Ex. management ploy
  18. gambol
    romp; skip about; leap about playfully; frolic; N.
  19. romp
    play or frolic boisterously; gambol; N.
  20. zest
    outer skin of an orange used for giving a special taste to food; spice; interest; flavor; spirited enjoyment; Ex. add a certain zest to the affair; Ex. zest for life
  21. gamely
    in a spirited manner; with courage; Ex. fight gamely against a superior boxer; ADJ. game
  22. gamut
    entire range
  23. gape
    open widely; slack-jawed in wonder ; open the mouth wide; stare wonderingly with the mouth open; CF. agape
  24. garbled
    mixed up; jumbled; distorted; V. garble: mix up or distort (a message) to such an extent as to make misleading or unintelligible
  25. jumble
    mix in a confused way
  26. gargantuan
    huge; enormous; gigantic; CF. the hero of Gargantua and Pantagruel
  27. gargoyle
    waterspout carved in grotesque figures on a building
  28. garish
    overbright in color; unpleasantly bright; gaudy
  29. trim
    make neat or tidy by clipping; reduce by removing what is unnecessary; ornament; decorate (round the edges); Ex. trim the cost; Ex. jacket trimmed with fur; N. ADJ: tidy; in good order
  30. garner
    gather; store up; amass
  31. garnish
    decorate; add a garnish to; decorate (food or drink) with small items such as lemon slices; N.
  32. garrulous
    loquacious; wordy; talkative; N. garrulity
  33. gastronomy
    art and science of preparing and serving good food; CF. gastronome
  34. gauche
    clumsy (in social behavior); coarse and uncouth
  35. gaudy
    flashy; showy
  36. flashy
    showy; gaudy; giving a momentary brilliance
  37. gild
    cover with a thin layer of gold
  38. gaunt
    lean and angular; thin and bony; emaciated; barren
  39. gavel
    hammerlike tool; mallet(wooden hammer) used by a presiding officer or an auctioneer; V.
  40. bid
    command; utter (a greeting); offer as a price; N: offer of a price; amount offered; earnest effort to gain something; Ex. bid for freedom
  41. gawk
    stare foolishly; look in open-mouthed awe
  42. gazette
    official periodical publication; newspaper
  43. genealogy
    record of descent; lineage; ancestry; study of ancestry
  44. generality
    vague statement; general statement which is not detailed; quality of being general; greater part; most; Ex. generality of people
  45. generate
    cause; produce; create
  46. generic
    characteristic of an entire class or species; of a genus
  47. genus
    division of animals or plants
  48. genesis
    beginning; origin
  49. geniality
    cheerfulness; kindliness; sympathy; ADJ. genial: cheerful and good-tempered
  50. genre
    particular variety of art or literature
  51. genteel
    well-bred; elegant; striving to convey an appearance of refinement; Ex. genteel poverty
  52. gentility
    those of gentle birth; high social class; refinement; quality of being genteel
  53. breed
    produce young; rear; bring up; produce (an undesirable condition); N: kind or sort of animal or plant
  54. crossbreed
    hybridize; N: hybrid; CF. interbreed; CF. inbreed
  55. well-bred
    of good upbringing; well-mannered and refined
  56. gentry
    people of standing(rank or position); people of good family or high social position; class of people just below nobility
  57. gentle
    kindly; soft; mild; of good family
  58. genuflect
    bend the knee as in worship
  59. germane
    pertinent; bearing upon(having connection with) the case at hand; appropriate
  60. germinal
    pertaining to a germ; creative; Ex. germinal idea
  61. germ
    earliest form of an organism; seed or bud; something that may develop into something larger or more important; microbe
  62. germinate
    cause to sprout; sprout
  63. sprout
    begin to grow; give off shoots or buds; N: new growth on a plant; shoot
  64. shoot
    new growth from a plant
  65. gerontocracy
    government ruled by old people
  66. gerontology
    study of the sociological phenomena associated with old age
  67. geriatrics
    medical treatment and care of old age
  68. gerrymander
    change voting district lines in order to favor a political party; N. CF. Elbridge Gerry + (sala)mander
  69. gestate
    evolve as in prenatal growth; N. gestation: period of development from conception until birth
  70. natal
    connected with birth; CF. prenatal; CF. postnatal
  71. gesticulation
    motion; gesture; V. gesticulate: make gestures (while speaking)
  72. ghastly
    horrible; terrifying; resembling ghosts; CF. aghast
  73. gibberish
    nonsense; nonsensical or unintelligible talk or writing; babbling
  74. gibe
    mock; make jeering remarks; N: jeering remarks
  75. giddy
    light-hearted; not serious; frivolous; dizzy; causing dizziness; Ex. giddy youth; Ex. giddy climb/height
  76. gingerly
    very carefully; ADJ.
  77. girth
    distance around something; circumference
  78. gist
    essence; main point; substance
  79. glacial
    like a glacier; of an ice age; extremely cold; Ex. glacial epoch; CF. iceberg
  80. glaring
    (of something bad) highly conspicuous; harshly bright; shining intensely and blindingly
  81. glare
    shine intensely and blindingly; stare fixedly and angrily; N.
  82. glaze
    cover with a thin and shiny surface; apply a glaze to; N: thin
  83. glean
    gather leavings; gather grain left behind by reapers; gather bit by bit (facts or information) often with difficulty
  84. glib
    fluent (with insincerity or superficiality); facile; slick
  85. slick
    make smooth or glossy; N: smooth surface; Ex. oil slick; ADJ: smooth; glossy; deftly executed; adroit; glib
  86. sleek
    smooth and shining (as from good health); V.
  87. glimmer
    shine erratically; twinkle; N: dim or unsteady light; faint indication; Ex. glimmer of hope
  88. glitter
    shine brightly with flashing points of light; Ex. glittering diamond ring; N: sparkling light; attractiveness; glamor; Ex. glitter of the sun on the waves
  89. glamor
    compelling charm; ADJ. glamorous
  90. gloat
    express evil satisfaction; look at or think about with evil satisfaction; view malevolently; Ex. The thief gloated over the stolen jewels.
  91. gloss_over
    explain away with the intention of deceiving or hiding faults
  92. gloss
    brief explanation note or translation of a difficult expression; V.
  93. glossary
    brief explanation of words used in the text
  94. glossy
    smooth and shining; N. gloss: shiny brightness on a surface; superficially attractive appearance; Ex. gloss of good manners
  95. mat
    not shiny; matte; having a dull finish; N: flat piece of material used as a floor covering; V.
  96. finish
    surface texture; completeness of execution
  97. finished
    properly made and complete; Ex. finished product/performance
  98. glower
    scowl; glare; look or stare angrily
  99. scowl
    frown angrily; N: angry frown
  100. glut
    overstock; fill beyond capacity (with food); fill to excess; N: oversupply
  101. glutinous
    sticky; viscous; gluey
  102. glutton
    someone who eats too much; ADJ. gluttonous: given to gluttony; greedy; CF. gluttony: habit of eating too much
  103. gnarled
  104. gnarl
    protruding knot on a tree; V.
  105. gnome
    dwarf; underground spirit who guards treasure hoards
  106. goad
    urge on; drive with a goad; cause (someone) to do something by continued annoyance; Ex. They goaded him into doing it by saying he was a coward; N: sharp-pointed stick for driving cattle; stimulus; CF. annoy continually
  107. gorge
    narrow canyon; steep rocky cleft; ravine (made by a stream which runs through it)
  108. gorge
    stuff oneself (with food); glut; CF. gorgeous: dazzlingly beautiful
  109. gory
    bloody; N. gore: blood (from a wound)
  110. shudder
    shake uncontrollably; tremble; V.
  111. gossamer
    sheer; very light; like cobwebs; N: soft and sheer fabric; cobweb
  112. sheer
    pure; thin and transparent; very steep
  113. gouge
    tear out; cut out (as if with a gouge); Ex. gouge his eyes out; N: chisel for cutting out hollow areas in wood
  114. gouge
    overcharge (with high price); extort from; Ex. gouge the public; CF. usury
  115. gourmand
    epicure; person who takes excessive pleasure in food and drink
  116. gourmet
    connoisseur of food and drink; epicure
  117. graduated
    arranged by degrees (of height
  118. graduate
    arrange into categories or grades; divide into marked intervals (for use in measurement); Ex. graduated ruler
  119. granary
    storehouse for grain
  120. grandeur
    impressiveness; stateliness; majesty
  121. stately
    formal; ceremonious; grand in style or size; majestic
  122. grandiloquent
    (of a person or speech) using high sounding or important-sounding language; pompous; bombastic
  123. grandiose
    affectedly grand; pretentious; high-flown; ridiculously exaggerated; impressive; great in size or scope; grand; Ex. grandiose ideas
  124. high-flown
    highly pretentious or inflated
  125. matinee(matinee)
    dramatic or musical performance given in the afternoon
  126. granulate
    form into grains or granules; N. granule: grain or particle
  127. graphic
    pertaining to the art of delineating; vividly described
  128. vivid
    (of light or color) bright and distinct; evoking lifelike mental images; Ex. vivid red hair/description
  129. graphite
    black form of carbon used in lead pencils
  130. grapple
    wrestle; come to grips with; take hold of and struggle with; Ex. grapple with the burglar
  131. grate
    make a harsh noise; have an unpleasant effect; shred by rubbing against a rough surface; Ex. grated cheese N: framework of metal bars to hold fuel in a fireplace
  132. gratify
    please; satisfy; Ex. gratify a desire
  133. gratis
    free; without charge; ADJ.
  134. gratuitous
    given freely; unwarranted; uncalled for; done without good reason; Ex. gratuitous comment
  135. gratuity
  136. gravity
    seriousness; ADJ. grave
  137. gregarious
    sociable; (of an animal) tending to form a group
  138. grievance
    cause of complaint; complaint
  139. grill
    question severely; cook on a grill; broil; N: cooking surface of parallel metal bars
  140. broil
    cook by direct heat; N.
  141. grim
    causing great fear; unrelenting; determined in spite of fear; Ex. grim smile
  142. grimace
    facial distortion to show feeling such as pain
  143. grisly
    ghastly; horrifying; Ex. grisly remains of the bodies
  144. groom
    man employed to take care of horses; V: make neat and trim; clean and brush (an animal)
  145. grotesque
    fantastic; comically hideous; strange and unnatural (causing fear or amusement)
  146. hideous
    repulsive to the sight; ugly; repugnant; Ex. hideous face/scream
  147. grotto
    small cavern
  148. grouse
    complain; fuss; grumble; grouch; N: plump chickenlike game bird
  149. grumble
    complain; mutter discontentedly; grouch; N.
  150. mutter
    utter (complaining words) indistinctly in low tones
  151. rumble
    make or move with a deep rolling sound (as thunder or stomach)
  152. grovel
    crawl or creep on ground; remain prostrate; behave in a servile manner
  153. grudging
    unwilling; reluctant; stingy(giving reluctantly)
  154. gruel
    thin liquid porridge
  155. porridge
    soft food made by boiling oatmeal
  156. oatmeal
    crushed oats used for making porridge
  157. grueling
    exhausting; Ex. grueling marathon race
  158. gruesome
    grisly; horrible
  159. gruff
    rough-mannered; (of a voice) rough; hoarse
  160. grunt
    utter a deep guttural sound (as a pig does); N.
  161. guffaw
    boisterous laughter; V.
  162. guile
    deceit; duplicity; wiliness; cunning; Ex. persuade her by guile
  163. cunning
    clever in deceiving; sly; N: cleverness in deceiving; deceit
  164. guileless
    without deceit
  165. guise
    outward appearance; costume; Ex. in a new guise
  166. gull
    trick; deceive; hoodwink; N: person who is easily tricked; dupe
  167. gullible
    easily deceived
  168. gustatory
    affecting or relating to the sense of taste
  169. gusto
    eager enjoyment; zest; enthusiasm
  170. gusty
  171. gust
    strong abrupt rush of wind; V. CF. bluster
  172. guy
    cable or chain attached to something that needs to be braced or steadied; CF. guide
  173. topple
    become unsteady and fall down
  174. overthrow
    topple; N.
  175. overturn
    turn over; capsize; topple
  176. capsize
    (of a boat) turn over
  177. gyroscope
    apparatus used to maintain balance
  178. habituate
    accustom or familiarize; addict
  179. hackles
    hairs on back and neck
  180. growl
  181. hackneyed
    commonplace; trite
  182. haggard
    wasted away; gaunt; Ex. haggard faces of the rescued miners
  183. haggle
    argue about prices (in an attempt to bargain)
  184. halcyon
    calm; peaceful; Ex. halcyon days
  185. hale
  186. hail
    frozen rain drop; V: salute or greet; precipitate hail
  187. hallowed
    blessed; consecrated; Ex. hallowed ground; V. hallow: set apart as holy
  188. hallucination
    delusion; false idea; false perception of objects with a compelling sense of their reality; objects so perceived; V. hallucinate; ADJ. hallucinatory
  189. halting
    hesitant; faltering; not fluent; Ex. halting steps/voice; V. halt: proceed or act with uncertainty; falter; hesitate; waver; stop
  190. waver
    move or swing back and forth; be uncertain or unsteady in decision or movement; Ex. wavering between accepting and refusing
  191. hamper
    obstruct; prevent the free movement of; N: �ķ�ǰ�̳� �Ǻ� ��� ��� �ٱ���
  192. hap
    chance; luck
  193. haphazard
    random; by chance; happening in an unplanned manner; Ex. haphazard growth of the town
  194. hapless
    unfortunate; luckless
  195. harangue
  196. harass
    annoy by repeated attacks
  197. harbinger
    forerunner (which foreshadows what is to come)
  198. harbor
    give protection (by giving food and shelter); provide a refuge for; hide; keep in mind (thoughts or feelings); Ex. harbor a grudge/criminal; N: place of shelter; refuge
  199. habitat
    natural home of a plant or animal; CF. habitation
  200. hardy
    (of people or animals) sturdy; robust; (of plants) able to stand inclement(stormy) weather
  201. harping
    tiresome dwelling on a subject; V. harp: dwell on(think or speak a lot about) tediously
  202. harrowing
    agonizing; distressing; traumatic; V. harrow: break up and level (soil) with a harrow; inflict great distress on; agonize; N: farming machine to break up the earth
  203. harry
  204. hatch
    deck opening; lid covering a deck opening; V: emerge from an egg; produce (young) from an egg
  205. latch
    fastening or lock consisting of a movable bar that fits into a notch; V: close with a latch
  206. notch
    V-shaped cut in a surface; V.
  207. haughtiness
    pride; arrogance; ADJ. haughty
  208. haunt
    (of a spirit) visit (a place); come to mind continually; visit (a place) regularly; frequent; Ex. haunted house; Ex. haunted by his last words; N: place much frequented
  209. haven
    place of safety; refuge; harbor; Ex. tax haven
  210. havoc
    widespread damage; disorder; chaos
  211. hazardous
  212. hazard
    venture; put in danger; risk; Ex. hazard a guess; N: possible source of danger
  213. hazy
    slightly obscure; misty; unclear; N. haze: light mist or smoke; confused state of mind
  214. headlong
    hasty; rash; headfirst; ADV.
  215. headfirst
    moving with the head leading; headlong
  216. headstrong
    willful; stubborn; unyielding; determined to have one's own way; CF. no 'excessive'
  217. heckler
    person who verbally harasses others; V. heckle: verbally harass as with gibes (by interrupting a speaker or speech)
  218. hedonist
    one who believes that pleasure is the sole aim in life; CF. hedonism: practice of living one's life purely for pleasure
  219. heedless
    not noticing; disregarding
  220. heed
    pay attention to; N: close attention
  221. hegemony
    dominance especially of one nation over others
  222. heinous
    atrocious; wicked; hatefully bad; Ex. heinous crime
  223. gross
    total; fragrant; clearly wrong; (of people's behavior) coarse; corpulent; Ex. gross insolence/behavior; V: earn as a total amount; N: 12 dozens
  224. helm
    steering wheel of a ship; position of control
  225. herbivorous
    grain-eating; CF. herbivore
  226. heresy
    opinion contrary to popular belief; opinion contrary to accepted religion; ADJ. heretical; CF. heretic
  227. hermetic
    sealed by fusion so as to be airtight; airtight
  228. hermetic
    concerning alchemy or magic; obscure and mysterious; occult
  229. sterile
    incapable of producing young; free from microorganism; V. sterilize
  230. hermitage
    home of a hermit
  231. herpetologist
    one who studies reptiles; CF. herpetology: branch of zoology that deals with reptiles and amphibians
  232. heterodox
    (of beliefs) against accepted opinion; unorthodox; unconventional
  233. heterogeneous
    dissimilar; mixed; not homogeneous; consisting of dissimilar elements or plants
  234. hew
    cut to pieces with ax or sword; chop; N.
  235. heyday
    time of greatest success or power; prime
  236. prime
    period of ideal or peak condition; earliest or beginning stage; Ex. in the prime of life; Ex. prime of the year(spring); ADJ: first in importance or rank; first; V: make ready; prepare
  237. primary
    first in rank or importance; principal; earliest in time; Ex. primary stages; N. CF. first
  238. primal
    first in rank or importance; being first in time; original; Ex. man's primal innocence
  239. primate
    group of mammals including humans
  240. hiatus
    gap; pause; gap or interruption in space or time; break
  241. hibernal
    wintry; wintery; of or like winter
  242. hibernate
    sleep throughout the winter; N. hibernation
  243. hierarchy
    arrangement by rank or standing; authoritarian body divided into ranks; body of persons having authority
  244. totem
  245. hieroglyphic
    picture writing; ADJ.
  246. hilarity
    boisterous mirth(merriment; laughter); ADJ. hilarious: full of laughter
  247. hindmost
    furthest behind; farthest to the rear
  248. wage
    begin and continue (a war)
  249. hindrance
    block; obstacle; V. hinder
  250. hinterlands
    back country; inner part of a country; OP. foreland
  251. hireling
    one who serves for hire (usually used contemptuously); one who works solely for compensation; Ex. hireling politician
  252. hirsute
    hairy; having a lot of hair
  253. histrionic
    theatrical; excessively dramatic or emotional; affected; of actors or acting; N. histrionics: histrionic behavior
  254. historic
    important in history; Ex. historic battle
  255. historical
    connected with history; based on events in history (whether regarded as important or not)
  256. hoard
    stockpile; accumulate for future use; N: supply stored for future use
  257. hoary
    white with age
  258. hoax
    trick which makes someone take action; practical joke; Ex. hoax mail; V.
  259. holocaust
    destruction by fire; CF. burnt whole; CF. Holocaust
  260. holster
    leather pistol case (that hangs on a belt around the waist)
  261. homage
    honor; tribute; great respect; Ex. pay/do homage to
  262. homeostasis
    tendency of a system or organism to maintain relative stability or internal equilibrium; CF. homeo-: constant; Ex. homeotherm
  263. homespun
    domestic; made at home; spun or woven at home; simple and ordinary; Ex. homespun philosophy
  264. spin
    rotate swiftly; make (thread) by twisting (cotton
  265. homily
    sermon; tedious moralizing lecture; serious warning; ADJ. homiletic
  266. homogeneous
    of the same kind; uniform in composition throughout
  267. hone
    sharpen (a tool); N: whetstone for sharpening a tool
  268. hoodwink
    deceive; delude
  269. horde
    crowd; swarm
  270. swarm
    large group of insects moving in a mass; crowd of people or animals; V: move in a crowd or mass
  271. hortatory
    encouraging; exhortive; marked by exhortation; CF. exhort
  272. horticultural
    pertaining to cultivation of gardens; N. horticulture: science or art of cultivating fruits
  273. hostility
    unfriendliness; hatred; enmity; ADJ. hostile
  274. hovel
    shack; small wretched house
  275. hut
    crude dwelling; shack
  276. shack
    crude cabin
  277. shed
    small roofed structure for storage and shelter; V: pour forth; lose by natural process; repel without allowing penetration; radiate; cast; Ex. shed tears/light/water/skin/leaves
  278. hover
    hang about; (of birds or aircraft) stay in the air in one place; (of people) wait nearby; stay around one place; waver; be in an uncertain state
  279. hubbub
    confused uproar; loud noise; din
  280. hubris
    arrogance; excessive self-conceit
  281. hue
    color; aspect; Ex. opinions of every hue
  282. hue
    outcry; loud cry or clamor; strong protest; Ex. hue and cry against the new rule
  283. humane
    marked by kindness or consideration; kind and compassionate; humanitarian
  284. humanitarian
    one devoted to the promotion of human welfare; CF. humanism
  285. humdrum
    dull; monotonous
  286. humid
    damp; N. humidity
  287. humility
    humbleness of spirit
  288. humble
    of low rank or position; modest; having a low opinion of oneself and a high opinion of others; unassuming; not proud; V. humiliate: make humble; cause to feel ashamed or to lose the respect of others
  289. hummock
    small hill; hillock
  290. humus
    substance or rich soil formed by decaying vegetable matter; CF. soil
  291. hurtle
    crash; rush; move with great speed; Ex. hurtling runaway train
  292. husband
    use sparingly; conserve; save; Ex. husband one's energy; CF. house holder
  293. husbandry
    frugality; thrift; economy; agriculture; farming; Ex. animal husbandry; CF. husbandman
  294. hybrid
    mongrel; mixed breed; V. hybridize
  295. mongrel
    plant or animal (esp. a dog) of mixed breed; ADJ.
  296. pedigree
    line of ancestors; ancestry; lineage; ADJ. (of an animal) descended from of a chosen family; Ex. pedigree dog; CF. crane's foot
  297. hydrophobia
    fear of water; rabies
  298. rabies
    disease passed on by the bite of an infected animal (causing madness and death)
  299. hygiene
    science and practice of the promotion and preservation of health; ADJ. hygienic: showing careful attention to cleanness (to prevent disease); Ex. hygienic condition
  300. hyperbole
    exaggeration; overstatement; ADJ. hyperbolic: of hyperbole; of a hyperbola
  301. hypercritical
    excessively exacting; too critical (without noticing good qualities)
  302. hypochondriac
    person unduly worried about his health; worrier without cause about illness; ADJ. CF. hypochondria: neurosis that one is or is becoming ill; CF. abdomen
  303. hypocritical
    pretending to be virtuous; deceiving; N. hypocrisy: profession of beliefs one does not possess; CF. hypocrite
  304. hypothetical
    based on assumptions or hypotheses; supposed; N. hypothesis
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