Fuel Pool

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  1. List the sources of emergency makeup water to the Fuel Pool:
    • Condensate service stations
    • Demin water
    • Firehose straight to Fuel Pool
    • Filter demin backwash connection
    • RHRSW via RHR
    • Firewater via RHR
    • Precoat pump
    • RHR suction from Torus
  2. List the five Fuel Pool cooling modes:
    • Normal cooling/cleanup
    • Max normal cooling
    • Non-emergency core offload
    • Emergency cooling
    • Refueling well drain down
  3. What is the Fuel Pool cooling rate (btu/hr) in the normal cooling mode?
    5.6x106 btu/hr in normal
  4. What is the Fuel Pool cooling rate (btu/hr) in the emergency cooling mode?
    20x106 btu/hr
  5. What pressure is the Fuel Pool Cooling pump suction trip?
  6. What are the Fuel Pool Cooling pump power supplies?
    • FPCP 11 = MCC-133
    • FPCP 12 = MCC-143
  7. What is the name of the blue glowing effect in the fuel pool?
    Cherenkov Effect
  8. What are the assumptions for the Normal Refueling discharge heat load?
    • 141 assemblies discharged every 18 months w/ average exposure of 25,000 MWD/MTU with 96 hours of cooling time
    • Heat load per discharge batch is nominally 5.6x106 bty/hr
    • Heat load decays rapidly
  9. What are the assumptions for the Emergency Cooling Full Core Discharge?
    • Discharge required 30 days after last refueling and fills final 484 spaces in HDFSS
    • Full core discharge completed 150 hrs after shutdown
    • Heat load calculated is 19x106 btu/hr
  10. What fan is associated with the ventilation ducts on the Fuel Pool skimmer surge tanks?
    V-EF-28 is the FP exhaust fan
  11. What is the Fuel Pool temperature alarm setpoint, and where do they monitor temperature?
    • 120F
    • Monitored at suction of FPCP
  12. What is the Fuel Pool cooling pump low discharge pressure setpoint?
  13. What is the Fuel Pool Filter/Demin high inlet temperature alarm setpoint?
  14. What are the Fuel Pool skimmer surge tank level alarm setpoints?
    • 8 ft - high level alarm
    • 4 ft - low level alarm
    • 2 ft 6 in - FPCP trip
  15. What is the Refuel Floor ventilation supply fan?
  16. During refueling, what system is always running and adding water to the Fuel Pool system (with gates removed)? How much water is added?
    • CRD cooling water flow
    • Adds approximately 50gpm
  17. What flowrate will start the Fuel Pool filter/demin holding pumps?
    150 gpm
  18. What is the primary power supply for the Fuel Pool filter/demin system?
  19. What is the Fuel Pool heat exchanger outlet high temperature alarm?

    A. 100F
    B. 140F
    C. 150F
    D. 120F
    A. 100F

    120F is the Fuel Pool pump suction temp
    140F is the filter/demin high temp
    150F is a distractor
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
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