Fuel Pool Cooling

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  1. What is the power supply for the FPC pumps?
    MCC-133 and MCC-43
  2. What are all of the Emergency Make-up sources to the Spent Fuel Pool?
    • Condensate Service Stations/Demin or Firehose
    • Filter demin back wash connection
    • RHRSW via RHR
    • Fire Water via RHR
    • Precoat Pump
    • RHR suction from Torus
  3. Assumptions for Normal Refueling Outage Discharge Heat Load?
    • Assumes 141 bundles are dishcarged every 18 mos, 96 hrs of cooling have occurred.
    • Heat load per discharge batch is 5.6 mil BTU/hr
    • Heat load decreases rapidly
    • The next disch to the HDFSS adds another 5.6 mil BTU/hr
  4. Assumptions for Full Core Discharge?
    • Discharge is req'd 30 days following the last refueling discharge and fills the final 484 spaces in the HDFSS.
    • Full core disch is completed within 150 hrs of shutdown.
    • Calculated heat load is 19 mil BTU/hr, RHR would be used, as necessary, in order to cool the full-core discharge.
  5. High Level Alarm for Skimmer surge tank?
    Low Level Alarm?
    Lo Lo Level?
    • 8'
    • 4'
    • 2'6" - and trips pumps.
  6. Fuel Pool Level Alarms?
    • Hi - 37'11-5/8"
    • Lo - 36'7"
  7. What is the cooling medium for the FPCC HX's?
  8. Refuel Bellows Seal Lkg?
    Rx Level Seal Lkg?
    Fuel Pool Gate Lkg?
    • 0.75 GPM
    • 3 GPM
    • 1 GPM
  9. Minimum allowed SFP by Tech Specs?
    The spent fuel storage pool water level shall be ≥ 37 ft above the bottom of the spent fuel storage pool.
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