PRM and ARMs

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  1. Power Supply for the MSIV Rad Monitors and setpoint and protective function?
    • A&C - Y-50, B&D - Y-40 (1 out of 2 twice)
    • 6.0 R/hr
    • Initates GR II to isolate MVP
  2. Power Supply for the Off-Gas SJAE Monitors (Pre-treat Rad Monitors) and setpoint and protective function?
    • P/S - Y-40/Y-50 (2 hi, 2 lo, or comb)
    • 2.5 R/hr for 30 mins - Stops OG flow to the 42" hold-up line by closing AO-1085 A&B (2nd stg suctions) and AO-7557 A&B (recombiner outlets).
  3. Power Supply for the Flux Tilt monitor and setpoint and protective function?
    • 1 channel - determine location of leak in fuel
    • powered from D-15 (24VDC)
  4. Power Supply for the DW ARM's and P/S and protective action?
    • 2 channels, Y-70 and Y-80, no protective action, used to measure core dmg.
    • 1 - 100,000,000 R/hr.
  5. Power Supply for OG STACK monitors and Plenum Monitors and protective action?
    • both powered from Y-70 and Y-80.
    • OG Stack trip (90,000 uCi/sec) will isolate the stack by closing SV-7677, SV-1928 and SV-2353 along with CV-1928 and CV-2353.
    • Plenum monitors have an alarm for Hi at 400 uCi/sec and hi-hi at 4500 uCi/sec.
  6. Power Supply for the Fuel Pool monitors and protective action?
    • Y-50 and Y-40
    • 50 mR/hr - partial GP II
  7. Power Supply for the Rx Bldg Exh Plenum and protective action?
    • Y-40 and Y-50
    • 26 mR/hr and partial GP II
  8. Power Supply for the CRV/EFT monitors and protective action?
    • B-34P and B-44P
    • Alarm at 0.5 mR/hr and trip at 1.0 mR/hr
    • Trip initiates "Hi-rad" mode of EFT
  9. Hard Pipe Vent rad monitor Power supply and action?
    • Y-80
    • no action, just monitor the effluent from the Torus.
  10. Automatic actions associated with a partial GP II?
    • SBGT A starts
    • Partial PCIS GP II
    • MVP trip and isolation
    • RBV shutdown and isolation
    • TBV shutdown
    • EFT system start
  11. RBCCW rad monitor and P/S?
    1500 CPS - D-25 (24VDC DIV II)
  12. SW rad monitor and P/S?
    20 CPS - D-25 (24 VDC Div II)
  13. Discharge Canal rad monitor and p/s?
    2 monitors - 40 CPS - D-25 (24 VDC Div II)
  14. Turb Bldg Normal Waste Sump and P/S?
    4000 CPS, powered from Y-30 and Y-10 - trips the sump pumps.
  15. Sewage Lift Station and P/S?
    L-79, trips at 3500 CPS
  16. DW CAM and P/S?
    Alarm at 100,000 CPM, powered from L-28.

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PRMs and ARMs
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