English Archetypes Quiz

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  1. What is an archetype?
    An original model after which other things are patterned.
  2. Who is Carl Jung?
    The founder of the idea of the archetype.
  3. Three basic types of archetypes
    • Situational - plot motif
    • Character - types of characters
    • Symbols - images, colors
  4. Types of heroes
    • Epic
    • Tragic
    • Romantic
  5. Difference between legend and myth
    • Myth - a traditional story accepted as history; serves to explain the world view of a people. Reveals culture and beliefs of a people.
    • Legend - story about extraordinary deeds that has been passed down through generations. Contains elements of history, magic and myth. Somewhere between historical fact and myth.
  6. Jung's three facts of archetypes
    Primordial, universal, recurrent
  7. Ideal vs. unideal images
    • Forest with singing birds, light, flowers
    • vs.
    • Forest with big scary animals, wicked witch, dark, scary.
  8. Monomyth
    An archetype of the basic hero journey
  9. According to Frye, myth is the narrative of literature. What purpose does myth serve to a society?
    Tell us about the legendary history, origins of law, class structure, kinship formations and nature features. "Verbal nucleus" of shared tradition.
  10. Where does myth fall along the axis of literature?
    Somewhere in between history and fantasy/folktale.
  11. How is myth different than history?
    Myth is a mix of truth and fiction to make it more interesting. History is pure fact.
  12. Frye states that mythology has always thought of the world we live in as "middle earth" with two other theaters of reality above and below it. To that effect, what is the axis mundi common to mythology?
    The axis mundi is a line connecting the 3 realms of existence.
  13. 4 Mythos:
    • Spring: comedy.
    • Summer: Romance
    • Autumn: Tragedy
    • Winter: Satire and Irony.
  14. Hamartia
    Broad category of things that can bring down a tragic hero
  15. Hubris
    Internal flaw of excessive pride
  16. Axis mundi
    • The line connecting the 3 realms of existence.
    • Heaven
    • Middle Earth ---- archetype of 3
    • Underworld

    underworld = 3 x 3 (twist on trinity).
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