Meats Part One

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  1. Is there a relationship between grading and inspection?
  2. Which is voluntary and which is mandatory between Meat grading and Meat inspection?
    Grading is voluntary and Inspection is mandatory
  3. What are 3 reasons for meat inspection?
    • Failure of europeans to recognize our meat inspections laws of the 1800's
    • Roosevelt's investigation of chicago meat packers (1904-06)
    • Upton Sinclair's book "The Jungle" 1906
  4. When was the meat inspection Act passed?
    June 30, 1906
  5. What are the different ways meat inspectors identify meat as?
    Healthy, Sound, Wholesome, and Properl Labeled
  6. When meat inspectors identify meat as sound, what are they refering to?
    The plant being clean and sanitary.
  7. What is the FSIS
    Food safety and inspection service
  8. What are the functions of meat inspection
    • Detection and destruction of diseased and contaminated meat
    • Assurance of clean and sanitary handling and preparation
    • Minimization of microbiological contamination of meat
    • Prevention of adulteration and the presence of chemical or drug residues
    • Prevention of false labeling
    • Application of the inspection stamp
  9. What determines if meat is inspected by federal gov or state
    Where the products are going to be sold
  10. Is meat is inspected by federal goverment where can it be sold?
    Interstate or foreign commerce
  11. When was the wholesome Meat Act passed?
  12. What is the wholesome meat act?
    • "equal to law"
    • states have to have inspection law that are equal to those of the federal gov.
  13. What is the Texas Meat and Poultry Inspecton Act?
    Texas meat inspection which is located in Austin.
  14. What is the Talmadge-Aiken Agreement?
    these are federally inspected but staffed by state employees
  15. What are the two exemptions from federal or state meat inspection?
    Curtis Amendment and Farmers Exemption
  16. What is the curtis amendment?
    custom slaughteres-cutters-processors of: farm animals for famers and game animals for hunters.
  17. What is the farmers exemption
    When meat is to be used by the farmer for his own use, for his family and for nonpaying guests.
  18. What are the area of responsibility for meat inspection?
    • Facilities construction and operalion sanitation
    • Antemortem inspection
    • Postmortem
    • Product inspection
    • Laboratory determinations and assays
    • control and restriction of condemned products
    • marking, labeling and application of inspection insignia
  19. How must plants be constructed to pass inspection?
    • Clean( and be able to be cleaned)
    • they can not contribute to hazards in meat
  20. What goes into antemortem inspection?
    Look at animals before slaughter, inspected in the pen, on the premises, on the day of slaughter, in motion and at rest
  21. What are reasons for antemortem U.S. Suspect
    seriously crippled, reactors to T.B. test, immature animals, minor epithelioma of the eye or of the orbital region
  22. What are reasons for antemortem U.S condemned?
    "downers", deads, abuot to die, comatose, temp above105 (106 swine), dies in pen, or obvious symptoms of disease.
  23. What is FSIS 5-04 Notice?
    All cattle that are non-ambulatory and/or showing central nervous system symptoms are condemned
  24. What caused FSIS 5-04 noctice?
    BSE "mad cow"
  25. What is number one reason steers are condemned antemortem?
  26. What is number one reason heifers are condemned antemortem?
  27. What is number one reason cows are condemned antemortem?
  28. What is number one reason barros and gilts are condemned antemortem?
  29. What is number one reason sows are condemned antemortem?
  30. What is number one reason lambs and yearlings are condemned antemortem?
  31. What is number one reason sheep are condemned antemortem?
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