Intro to Ecology

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  1. Ecology
    The scientific study of relationship between organisms and their environment.
  2. Population
    A group of individuals of the same species that occupy a given area.
  3. Community
    A population of different species living and interacting within a ecosystem.
  4. Landscape
    An area of land and water composed of a patchwork of communities and ecosystems.
  5. Biome
    Broad scale regions dominated by similar ecosystems.
  6. Biosphere
    A thin layer around the earth that supports all life.
  7. Rain Shadow
    An area with relatively low precipitation influenced by a topographic barrier.
  8. Microclimate
    Variations of climates in a given area influenced by hills, structures and hollows or proximity to bodies of water.
  9. Water cycle
    Water travels in a sequence from the air to the earth and then returning to the atmosphere.
  10. Interception
    Capture of water by vegetation from which water evaporates and never reaches the ground.
  11. Infilitration
    Downward movement of water into the soil.
  12. Transpiration
    Water being absorbed by plant roots from the soil and lose it through the leaves.
  13. Evapotranspiration
    The total amount of evaporating water from the surface and vegetation.
  14. Thermocline
    Layer in the thermally stratified body of water were the temp changes rapidly relative to the remainder of the body of water.
  15. Epilimnion
    Warm, lighter water.
  16. Hyplimnion
    Deeper layer of cold, denser water.
  17. pH
    Measure of both acidity and alkalinity.
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