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  1. Which holding points do you need to get a clearance from in order to advance past when departing
    X, Y, Z
  2. When do you change to ground frequency after landing at OH
    When passing through holding points X, Y and Z
  3. When do you need to overshoot
    BEFORE 5nm or 200 AGL
  4. Whats the max number of aircraft allowed in the circuits on taxiway and runway
  5. ON runway 15/33 what is the max number of airtrainers allowed in the circuit
  6. When in the circuit, when do you need to call for flapless, glide, low level and full stop?
  7. When is the normal circuit call made
    base leg
  8. What are the rules surrounding PFL when in the circuit
    one aircraft at a time, cross centreline of runway in use atleast 2000ft, descend through 2000ft on the north side of TWY09/27
  9. what are the right of way rules when a/c landing
    give way
  10. what are the right of way rules when head on
    right turn
  11. what are the right of way rules when converging
    give way right
  12. what are the right of way rules when overtaking
    right side
  13. what are the right of way rules when an aircraft is being towed
    give way
  14. What are the factors effecting wake turbulence
    mass, size, wing loading, angle of attack and flap position

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