Art History !

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  1. Form
    An object's shape and structiure, either in 2D or in 3D
  2. Compostion
    The way in which an artist organizes the form in an artwork, either by placeing shapes on a flat surface or arranging forms in space.
  3. Medium
    The substance or agency in which an artist works, such as stone, or oil paint ....
  4. Technique
    The processes artists employ, such as applying paint to canvas with a brush.
  5. Line
    One of the most important elements defining an artwork's shape or form.
  6. Contour Line
    When a continuous line defines an object's outer shape usually creating volume.
  7. Color/Hue
    Te name of a color. Primary Color, Secondary Colors, and Complementary Colors.
  8. Value or Tonality
    The value or tonality of a color is the degree of its lightness or darkness.
  9. Intesity or Saturation
    The intesity or satuation of a color is tis purity, its brightness or dullness.
  10. Space
    The boumded or boundless container of collections of objects.
  11. Mass
    are the bulk, density, and weight of matter in space.
  12. Volume
    Is the space thar oragnazies, divides, or encloses.
  13. Perspective
    A formula for projecting an illusion of the 3D world onto a 2D surface.
  14. Lines Perspective
    All parallel lines or lines of projecton seem to converge on one, two, or three points located with reference to the eye level of the viewer (the horizon line), know as vanishing points, and associated objects are rendered smaller the farhter from the viewer they are intended to seem.
  15. Atmospheric, or Arial Perspective
    Creates the illusion of distance by the greater Diminution of color intensity, the shift in color toward an almost acutal blue, and the blurring of contours as the intended distance between eye and objects increase.
  16. Foreshortening
    The use of perspective to repsrent in art the apparent visual conraction of an object that extends back in space at an angle to the prependicular place of sight.
  17. Proportion
    Converns the relationships (in term of size) of the parts of persons, bulidings, or objects.
  18. Light
    Light reveals all colors.
  19. Subject/Content
    The themes or ideas in a work of art, as distinct from its form. Encompassing the story, or narrative.
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