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  1. CN I
    Olfactory, Sensory, receptors in roof/walls of nasal cavity.
  2. CN II
    Optic, Sensory, receptors in the retina of the eye.
  3. CN III
    Occulomotor, motor
  4. CN IV
    Trochlear. Optic Motor
  5. CN V
    Trigeminal. Sensory and Motor
  6. CN VI
    Abducens Motor
  7. CN VII
    Facial, Sensory
  8. CN VIII
    Vestibulochlear, Sensory
  9. IX
    Glossopharyngeal, Sensory
  10. X
    Vagus, Sensory and Motor
  11. XI
    Accessory, Motor
  12. XII
    Hypoglossal, Motor
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