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  1. What color will neutrophils turn a serum?
  2. What cell will increase angiogenesis, fibrosis and collagen production?
  3. What molecule produces Arachidonic Acid?
    Phospholipase C
  4. What disease commonly contains epithelioid macrophages?
  5. What will acute inflammation w/ ulceration lead to?
    Chronic inflammation
  6. What molecules activate rolling of Neutrophils along endothelial cells?
    • P/E selectin = endothelial cells
    • L selectin = neutrophils
    • Sialyl-Lewis ligand
  7. What molecules modulate adhesion during transmigration?
    Integrins interacting with the selectins (generally ICAM-1 and VCAM-1)
  8. What is the mildest form of acute inflammation?
    Serous inflammation
  9. If a child has a normal WBC count, why would he have recurrent granulomatous disease?
    defects in the NADPH oxidase system so no oxygen-dependent killing of bacteria occurs
  10. What does the respiratory burst create?
    ROS/RNS that will help with the microbicidal activity
  11. What molecule and type of inflammation can cause liquefactive necrosis?
    Neutrophils from Acute inflammation
  12. How is interferon γ produced and what is its effect w/ inflammation?
    • Produced by T-cells
    • simulate monocytes & macrophages
    • stimulates production of epithelioid cells and giant cells
  13. What is the function of MPO?
    to create HOCl- from H2O2 as an antimicrobial agent
  14. If a person is having an ischemic injury, what mediator can be administered to impede further injury?
    NO = vasodilation
  15. How does endothelial contraction help with acute inflammation?
    Endothelial contraction increases endothelial gaps so fluid can leave the capillaries to create edema
  16. What deficiency prevents opsonization and phagocytosis of microbes?
    Immunoglobulin deficiency
  17. What inhibits Cyclooxygenase?
    COX-1&2, Aspirin, & other NSAIDS
  18. What inhibits production of AA from Phospholipase C?
  19. What are the three components of pus?
    • Liquified tissue
    • live neutrophils
    • dead neutrophils
  20. What molecule can be used to inhibit Factor V and thrombin production?
    Protein C
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