Warm Grasses

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  1. Cynodon dactylon
  2. Stenotaphrum secundatum
    St. Augustinegrass
  3. Paspalum notatum
  4. Paspalum vaginatum
    Seashore Paspalum
  5. Eremochloa ophiuroides
  6. Zoysia japonica
  7. Axonopus affinis
    Common Carpetgrass
  8. Dichondra Species
  9. Pennisetum clandestinum
  10. Buchloe dactyloides
  11. Folded Vernation, Ligule has fringe of hairs, seedhead has 3-5 racemes from one whorl, deep fiberous root system.

    Rhizomes and Stolens
    fine to medium leaf texture
    1" - 2" mow height
    low shade tolerace
    High Thatching
    Bermudagrass Characteristics
  12. Collar is most useful-very narrow and restricted. Leaf blade and sheath are broad. Long spreading stolons, boat shape leaf tip.

    Least cold tolerant of warm season grasses
    coarse texture
    S. Augustinegrass Disease (SAD)
    Shade tolerance is excellent
    St. Augustinegrass Characteristics
  13. Coarse, togh leaf blades, fine leaf texture, darker green, rolled or folded vernation on same plant, short, membranous ligule, broad leaf blades.
    Spreads short woody rhizomes.
    Very Drought Resistant
    Low Maintenance
    Bahiagrass Characteristics
  14. Spreads by both Stolons and Rhizomes, LIgule is membrane with fine hairs from its upper ridge, Pointed leaf tip.
    Fine Texture
    drought tolerant, adapts to wet sites, HIGH salt tolerance, poor shade and cold tolerance. Oceanside
    Seashore Paspalum Characteristics
  15. Membranous ligule with short hairs on top of ligule, constricted collar with broad blade an sheath similar to St. Augustinegrass, hairy and with long hairs along margin of the lower parts of the leaves.
    Medium to coarse textured leaf
    Excellent heat tolerance, Poor cold tolerant
    Slow Growth rate
    Centipedegrass characteristics
  16. Poa pratensis
    Kentucky Bluegrass
  17. Best low-temperature tolerance of warm season grasses. Can survive subzero temps.
    dormacy occurs after first heavy frost-straw color
    Tolerant of traffic, shade, salt and drought.
    Blades are still and difficult to cut
    Ligule is a fringe of hairs similar to bermudagrass but with rolled vernation
    seedhead is a singe-spike
  18. Least low temperature grass after St. Augustinegrass. Similar characteristics but lighter green in color than St. Augustinegrass.
    Folded vernation and its ligule is a fringe of hairs.
    Broad blade and a compressed sheath
    Has stolons that may be covered with dense hairs.
    Common Carpetgrass Characteristics
  19. Broadleaf plant with kidney shaped leaves that produce a low, dense ground cover.
    Primary Los Angeles.
    Soft pale green leaves when mowed shorter.
    injury occurs with broadleaf weed killers.
    spreads by stolons and roots from nodes.
    Dichondra Characteristics
  20. Spreads by extremely think stolons and takes over quickly.
    Thatchy and and coarse texture make it undesireable. Drought tolerant
    Poor cold tolerance.
    Light green color, ligule is a fringe of hairs
    Folded vernation
    sheaths are covered with fine hairs and longer hairs on collar.
    Blades have short hairs
    seedhead is short and curved spike
    Kikuyugrass Characteristics
  21. Most drought tolerant grass in US. Requires no irrigation to survive.
    ONLY Dioecious plant-both male and female plants.
    Excellent heat and cold tolerance
    slow vertical growth
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