points collected 7/9/11

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  1. golders green crematorium
    hoop lane
  2. central hotel
    hoop lane
  3. north square
    central square/ erskine hill
  4. golders green library
    golders green road
  5. solly's restaurant
    golders green road
  6. st michaels greek orthodox church
    golders green road
  7. king alfred school
    north end way
  8. chandos lawn tennis club
    chandos way
  9. freemason arms public house
    downshire hill
  10. le gafffe hotel
    heath street
  11. olivers fish and chip shop
    haverstock hill
  12. ye olde white bear public house
    well road
  13. king william 4th pub/bar
    hampstead high street
  14. heath library
    keats grove
  15. hill bar nw3
    haverstock hill
  16. camden ambulance station
    cressy road
  17. the roy shaw centre
    cresy road
  18. parliment hill lido
    gordon house road
  19. william ellis school
    highgate road
  20. kenlyn lawn tennis & mansfield bowling club
    croftdown road
  21. tufnell park station
    brecknock road
  22. holloway bus garage
    pemberton gardens
  23. north library N7
    manor gardens
  24. 500 restaurant
    holloway road
  25. the garden cafe
    manor gardens
  26. beaux art building
    manor gardens
  27. ghana high commission
    the bank
  28. channing girls school
    the bank
  29. lauderdale house
    highgate hill
  30. boogaloo bar
    archway road
  31. jacksons lane centre
    archway road
  32. highgate library
    shepherds hill
  33. kassabar bar
    new river avenue
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points collected 7/9/11
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