Unit 1 Review

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  1. Devin wants to make a supersize cupcake for each of his 24 classmates, three teachers, and principal. He can make nine supersize cupcakes with one capcake mix. How many mixes will he need?
  2. The temperature on the first day of school is 12 degrees warmer than the average of the last five years' temperatures. Those temperatures were 76, 83,69,72,and 75. What is the temperature on the first day of school?
  3. There is a penny drive at school. Amber collected 1,132 pennies in June and 639 in July. Devin collected 653 pennies in June and 1,057 in July. Who collected more pennies?
  4. Find the median and mean of each of the following sets of numbers.
    123, 56, 92, 88, 90
    • median 90
    • mean 89.8
  5. Find the landmarks of the following numbers.

    • Maximum 24
    • Mode 21
    • Minimum 17
    • Range 7
  6. Find the median and mean of each set of numbers.
    13, 29, 18, 34, 21
    • median 21
    • mean 23
  7. Devin gets on the bus at 7:32. He gets off at 8:07. How long is Devin on the bus?
    35 mins.
  8. Amber's bookbag costs $15.38. She pays for it with a twenty-dollar bill. What change should Amber get back?
  9. Devin buys three boxes of pencils. He gets $3.25 in change from a ten-dollar bill. How much does each box of pencils cost?
  10. Amber is decorating her book cover with stamps in the following pattern: butterfly, flower, butterfly flower. Will the 15th stamp be a butterfly or a flower?
  11. Devin's mom bought most of his school supplies at a sale eight weeks and four days ago. How many days ago was the sale?
    60 days
  12. One folder costs $0.79. Folders also come in packs of 2 for $ 1.50, 3 for $2.30, 4 for $3.12, and 5 for $3.75. Amber needs six folders . Which combination costs the least?
    3 for $2.30
  13. At Amber's school, 27 fewer students are enrolled this year than were enrolled last year. This year, 485 students are signed up. How many studetns were enrolled last year?
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