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  1. Repition
    Duplicating an element of language
  2. Description
    Presenting Info so a reader can picture it
  3. Inference
    Conclusion drawn from info presented
  4. Antithesis
    A contradiction between two ides using parallelism
  5. Narrative devices
    Tools of a storyteller
  6. Antecedent
    The noun a pronoun refers to
  7. Figurative Language
    non-literal language
  8. Generic Conventions
    Traditions of a genre
  9. Syntax
    Word and Phrase order of a sentence
  10. Exposition
    To explain
  11. Allusion
    Reference to something known
  12. Analogy(Analogous)
    Comparison between two different things
  13. Hyperbole
  14. Language
    Cummalitive effect of diction, Syntax, and sentance structure
  15. Clause
    Part of a sentance that has a subject and a verb
  16. Subordinate Clause
    Has a subject and a verd but cannot stand by itself
  17. Chiasmus
    Inverted parallelism
  18. Sentance Structure
    Simple, Complex, Compound, Compound-complex
  19. Genre
  20. Symbolism
    When one thing represents something else
  21. Stylistic devices
    Diction, Syntax, tone, attitude
  22. Rhetorical modes
    Purpose of the major kinds of writing
  23. Narration
    To tell a story
  24. Argumentation
    To prove a point
  25. Parallelism
    A grammatical simularity
  26. Point of view
    1st, 2nd, 3rd
  27. Personification
    Assigning human traits to non-human
  28. Prose
    Everyday language
  29. Juxtaposition
    Comparing something side by side
  30. Sarcasm
    Language meant to hurt someone
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