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  1. Extrinsic Eye Muscles
    • Lacteral Rectus
    • Superior Rectus
    • Medial Rectus
    • Superior Oblique
    • Inferior Oblique
    • Inferior Rectus
    • Moves the eye
  2. Eyelids
    Protects the eye from foregin objects
  3. Lacrimal Gland/ Duct
    • Produces tears
    • Where the tears exit
  4. Conjunctiva
    Covers the eye
  5. Eyelashes
    Keeps Sweat and objects out
  6. Sclera
    Fibrous Tunic

    Helps maintain the shape of the eye, protects the internal structures, and provides an attachment point for muscles
  7. Cornea
    Fibrous Tunic

    Permits light to enter the eye and bends the light as part of the eye's focusing system
  8. Choroid
    Vascular Tunic

    Associated with the sclera of the eye
  9. Ciliary Body
    Vascular Tunic

    Accomodation and produces aqueous humor

    Ciliary Muscles- function as a sphincter and contraction of them can change the shape of the eye

    Ciliary Processes- produces aqueous humor
  10. Iris
    Vascular Tunic

    Regulates the amount of light by controlling the size of the pupil
  11. Pupil
    Light enters through
  12. Retina
    Nervous Tunic

    Covers the inner surface of the eye posterior to the ciliary body

  13. Lens
    Helps focus light onto the retina
  14. Suspensory Ligaments
    Help supports the eye
  15. Canals of Schlemm aka Scleral Venous Sinus
    Collects aqueous humor and delivers it into the bloodstream
  16. Vitreous Humor
    Posterior Cavity

    Helps maintain intraocular pressure and shape of the eye, hold the lens and retina in place
  17. Aqueous Humor
    Anterior Cavity

    Helps maintain introcular pressure
  18. Anterior Chamber
    Anterior Cavity

    Lies between the cornea and iris
  19. Posterior Chamber
    Lies between the iris and lens
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