Skin notes

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  1. Merkel's Disk
    • Type I cutaneous mechanorecptors
    • Light touch and pressure
  2. Meissner's Corpuscles
    Corpuscles of touch

    Light touch
  3. Ruffini Corpuscle
    Type II cutaneous mechanorecptors

    Continous touch and pressure
  4. Pacinian Corpuscle
    Lamellated corpuscle

    Vibration and pressure change
  5. Free Nerve Endings
    Found everywhere

    Light touch, pressure, pain, and temp.
  6. Nociceptors
    Extreme temp. and pressure
  7. Integementary System
    1. Protection

    2. Senstation

    3. Temp. Regulator

    4. Vitamin D production

    5. Excretion
  8. Epidermis

    Prevents water loss and the entry of chemicals and microbes, protects against abrasion and UV light, produces Vitamin D, give rise to hair, nails, and glands
  9. Stratum Corneum
    Superifical stratum

    Provides structual strength due to kertain within the cell and prevents water loss
  10. Stratum Lucidum
    Found only in thick skin; palms and soles
  11. Stratum Granulosum
    Produces kertohyalin around kertain fibers
  12. Stratum Spinosum
    Thickest layer

    Produces kertain fibers
  13. Stratum Basale
    Produces melanocytes and contribute melanin which protects against UV light
  14. Dermis
    Responsible for the structural strength and flexibility of the skin
  15. Papillary Layer
    Part of the dermis

    Brings blood vessels close to the epidermis

    Dermal papillae form finger/footprints
  16. Recticular Layer
    Part of the dermis

    Main fiborus layer of the dermis
  17. Subcutaneous Tissue
    Attaches the dermis to underlying structures
  18. Sweat Glands
    Eccrine Glands- cools the body

    Apocrine Glands- causes body odor
  19. Sebaceous Glands
    Produces sebum which oils the hair and the surface of the skin
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