Bio psyc notes Exam 1

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  1. Monism
    there is only one kind of existence.
  2. Materialism
    everything is material of physical, mental events do not exist; all psychological experiences can be explained in physical terms
  3. Mentalism
    only the mind exists; physical world exists only as fiction of our thought processes.
  4. Identity
    mental processes are the same thing as certain kinds of brain processes, but described in different terms (most common form of philosophical position for neuroscientists to go with).
  5. Hard problem
    why and how is brain activity associated with consciousness?
  6. Easy problem
    what is the physiology of various phenomena of consciousness, e.g. wakefulness vs. sleep, focused attention.
  7. Genes
    units of heredity that maintain their structural identity across generations.
  8. Chromosomes
    strands of genes, normally in pairs; composed of DNA.
  9. Watson, Crick and Wilkins: Nobel Prize in Medicine, 1962
    Discovery of the molecular structure of nucleic acids and its role in transfer of genetic information.
  10. RNA molecules
    serve as templates for synthesis of protein molecules.
  11. genotype
    expression outwardly of the gene.
  12. Dominant gene
    shows strong effect whether in homozygous or heterozygous gene pairs.
  13. Recessive gene: shows effects only in homozygous pairs.
  14. Recombination (crossing over): during reproduction, genes break up and exchange parts.
  15. Artificial selection
    Limits reproduction to plants or animals that possess a desired trait, ensuring its survival.
  16. evolution means:
    Reproduction of the fittest.
  17. Evolutionary Psychology
    Seeks evolutionary and functional explanations and for why a behavior is useful and is favored by natural selection.
  18. Glia:
    • support cells
    • Chemical exchange with neurons, no info transfer across longer distance.
    • Modulate or synchronize connections.
    • 10 times more numerous than neurons at 1/10 the size of neurons.
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