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  1. Bicanineate
    Two-cusp type of mandibular second premolar.
  2. Bifurcated
    Divided into two.
  3. Bifurcation
    Area in which two roots divide.
  4. Canine Eminence
    External vertical bony ridge on the labial surface of the canines.
  5. Central Groove
    Most prominent developmental groove on the posterior teeth.
  6. Cingulum
    Raised, rounded area on the cervical third of the lingual surface.
  7. Cusp
    Major elevation on the masticatory surfaces of canines and posterior teeth.
  8. Cusp of Carabelli
    The fifth supplemental cusp found lingual to the mesiolingual cusp.
  9. Diastema
    A space between two teeth.
  10. Fossa
    Wide, shallow depression on the lingual surfaces of anterior teeth.
  11. Furcation
    Area between two or more root branches.
  12. Imbrication lines
    Slight ridges that run mesiodistally in the cervical third of the teeth.
  13. Incisal edge
    Ridge on permanent incisors that appears flattened onlabial, lingual, or incisal view after tooth eruption.
  14. Inclined cuspal planes
    Sloping areas between the cusp ridges.
  15. Mamelon
    Rounded enamel extension on the incisal ridges of incisors.
  16. Marginal groove
    Developmental groove that crosses a marginal ridge and serves as a spillway, allowing food to escape during mastication.
  17. Marginal ridge
    Rounded, raised border on the mesial and distal portions of the lingual surfaces of anterior teeth and the occlusal table of posterior teeth.
  18. Molars
    Teeth located in the posterior aspect of the upper and lower jaws.
  19. Morphologically, morphologic, morphology
    Branch of biology that deals with form and structure.
  20. Nonsuccedaneous
    Pertaining to a permanent tooth that does not replace a primary tooth.
  21. Pegged laterals
    Incisors with a pointed or tapered shape.
  22. Succedaneous teeth
    Permanent teeth that replace primary teeth.
  23. Triangular groove
    Developmental groove that separates a marginal ridge from the triangular ridge of a cusp.
  24. Tricanineate
    A three-cusp type of mandibular second premolar.
  25. Trifurcated
    Divided into three.
  26. Trifurcation
    Area in which three roots divide.
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