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  1. Anmwe!
  2. Merite
    You're welcome
  3. Pa gen pwoblem
    No problem
  4. Eskize mwen
    Excuse me
  5. Pa genyen
    There is/are not any
  6. Mwen pa genyen
    I don't have any
  7. Sekonsa
    That's right
  8. Gen anpil...
    There are a lot of...
  9. Isit
  10. La
  11. Tout bagay anfom?
    Is everything OK?
  12. Pa kounye-a
    Not now
  13. Toupatou
  14. Anyen
  15. Preske
  16. Atansyon
    Attention!/Watch out!
  17. Prese prese
  18. Dife
  19. Rete
  20. Kounye-a
  21. Nou ap chache...
    We are looking (searching) for...
  22. Souple, ban mwen...
    Please give me...
  23. Separe sa ant nou
    Divide this among you
  24. Maten an
    This morning
  25. Apremidi a
    This afternoon
  26. Aswe a
    This evening
  27. Mwen pa two byen
    I'm not too well
  28. Mwen malad
    I'm sick
  29. Te gen yon aksidan
    There was an accident
  30. Nou bezwen yon dokte/yon mis touswit
    We need a doctor/a nurse right now
  31. Kote lopital la?
    Where is the hospital?
  32. Kote li fe ou mal?
    Where does it hurt you?
  33. Li ansent
    She's pregnant
  34. Mwen pa ka manje/domi
    I cannot eat/sleep
  35. Mwen gen djare
    I have diarrhea
  36. Mwen anvi vonmi
    I feel nauseated
  37. Tout ko mwen cho
    My whole body is hot
  38. Mwen toudi
    I'm dizzy
  39. Nou bezwen pansman/koton
    We need bandages/cotton
  40. Mwen grangou
    I'm hungry
  41. Mwen swaf anpil
    I'm very thirsty
  42. Nou ta vle manje
    We would like to eat
  43. Poukisa?
  44. Kote?
  45. Kisa?
  46. Kile?
  47. Ki moun?
  48. Kijan?
  49. Kiles?
  50. Eske gen...?
    Is/Are there...?
  51. Eske ou gen...?
    Do you have...?
  52. Eske ou ka ede nou, souple?
    Can you help us please?
  53. Kote nou ka achte...?
    Where can we buy...?
  54. Eske ou ka di mwen...?
    Can you tell me...?
  55. montre
  56. Ki moun ki Ia?
    Who is there?
  57. Kisa ou vle?
    What do you want?
  58. Kisa ou ta vla?
    What would you like?
  59. Kisa ou ap fe la?
    What are you doing there?
  60. Kisa sa a ye?
    What is that?
  61. Sa k'genyen?
    What's the matter?
  62. Kisa pi nou fe?
    What must we do?
  63. Eske ou te we...?
    Have you seen...?
  64. Kij an yo rele sa an kreyol?
    What do they call that in Creole?
  65. Kij an yo kreyol?
    How do they say... in Creole?
  66. Kisa ou bezouen?
    What do you need?
  67. Kisa ki rive ou?
    What happened to you?
  68. Ki kote li ale?
    Where did he go?
  69. Kilaj ou?
    How old are you?
  70. Kote ou rete?
    Where do you live?
  71. Eske ou gen petit?
    Do you have any children?
  72. Kote nou ye?
    Where are we?
  73. chita
    to sit
  74. manje
    to eat
  75. rete
    to stop
  76. kouri
    to run
  77. kouche
    to lie down
  78. ale/prale
    to go
  79. rete trankil
    to be quiet
  80. pran
    to get, receive
  81. leve
    to get up
  82. sede
    to give up
  83. touye
    to kill
  84. frape
    to hit
  85. kache
    to hide
  86. konnen
    to know
  87. manti
    to lie (not truth)
  88. gade
    to look
  89. kwit-manje, fe-manje
    to cook
  90. fimen
    to smoke
  91. atake
    to attack
  92. ban pemi
    to authorize (permission)
  93. kri
    to shout, yell, scream
  94. fè-apel
    to call, name
  95. netwaye
    to clean
  96. femen
    to close
  97. fose
    to force
  98. obeyi
    to obey
  99. fè - konfyans
    to trust
  100. Konsole
    to comfort
  101. pati
    to leave, depart
  102. mouri
    to die
  103. fe-desen
    to draw, sketch
  104. bwè
    to drink
  105. tonbe
    to drop, fall
  106. mete abò
    embark, load, board
  107. atoure
    to surround
  108. ranfose
    to enforce

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