vocab 2

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  1. absolution
    n - forgiveness or passing over of offenses
  2. abstemious
    adj - characterized by self denial or abstinence, as in the use of drink, food
  3. accede
    v - to agree
  4. accession
    n - induction or elevation as to dignity, office or government
  5. accounter
    v - to dress
  6. acerbity
    n - sourness with bitterness and astringency
  7. achillean
    adj - vulnerable
  8. achromatic
    adj - colorless
  9. acidify
    v - to change into acid
  10. acquiece
    v - to comply, submit
  11. acrid
    adj - harshly pungent or bitter
  12. acrimonious
    adj - full of bitterness
  13. acrimony
    n - sharpness or bitterness of speech or temper
  14. actuary
    n - an officer, as of an insurance company, who calculates and states the risks and premiums
  15. actuate
    v - to move or incite to action
  16. addle
    v - to make inefficient or worthless, muddle
  17. adduce
    v - to bring forward or name for consideration
  18. adjudge
    v- to award or bestow by formal decision
  19. adjunct
    n - something joined to or connected with another thing, but holding a subordinate place
  20. adjuration
    n- a vehement appeal
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