BIO5 Cell Organelles

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  1. plasma membrane
    forms outside of cell, controls passage of materials into and out of cell
  2. cytoplasm
    matrix substance in which chemical reactions occur
  3. endoplasmic reticulum
    • A. Rough: together with attached ribosomes, assists in protein synthesis
    • B. Smooth: metabolizes nonpolar compounds, stores calcium in striated muscle cells
  4. ribosomes
    synthesize proteins
  5. golgi complex
    synthesizes carbohydrates, packages molecules for secretion, secretes lipids and glycoproteins
  6. mitochondria
    transforms energy into usable ATP
  7. lysosomes
    digest foreign molecules and worn/damaged organelles
  8. peroxisomes
    contain enzymes that detoxify harmful molecules, break down hydrogen peroxide
  9. centrosome
    organizes spindle fibers and distribute chromosomes during mitosis
  10. vacuoles
    stores and releases various substances within the cytoplasm
  11. microfilaments and microtubules
    support cytoplasm, transport materials within cytoplasm
  12. cilia and flagella
    propulsion of particles against cell wall/movement of cell
  13. nuclear envelope
    supports nucleus, controls passage of materials between nucleus and cytoplasm
  14. nucleus
    contain DNA
  15. nucleolus
    produces ribosomal RNA for ribosomes
  16. chromatin
    has genetic code which determines which proteins will be manufactured by the cell
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