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  1. Mahi Mahi Tacos with rice and beans
    • Corn tortilla filled with lettuce, pico, Mahi Mahi,
    • served with Avacado Crema
    • Refried BB/Poblano
  2. Pescado Tacos with rice and beans
    • Corn tortilla filled with lettuce, pico, lightly friend or grilled tilapia
    • Refried BB/Poblano
  3. Differences between Mahi Mahi and Tilapia
    • Mahi Mahi is Thicker & Meatier
    • Tilapia is Flakier
  4. Barbacoa Tacos with rice and beans
    • Beef brisket Marinated in 512 pecan porter w/ comino, chiles, cilantro,onion
    • Topped with crema Fresca
    • Spanish/Charra
  5. Beef picadillo Tacos with rice and beans
    • Ground Beef & Potatoes with pico and crema tomatillo sauce
    • Spanish/Charra
  6. Pollo Guizado Tacos with rice and beans
    • Shredded Chicken with Poblano strips, Crema chipotle pico, and chipotle sauce
    • Refried BB/Poblano Rice
  7. Mayan Tacos with rice and beans
    • Tender Pulled pork cooked in o.j. & adiote paste topped with avacado and crema fresca
    • Refried BB/Poblano
  8. Chili Relleno
    • Poblano Pepper atop bed of rice with your choice of either cheese, ground beef or chicken
    • topped with sour cream, chz, Ranchero
    • served with pecans & Raisins
  9. Carne Guisada Plate
    • tender beef tips in comino gravy
    • served with guacamole and flour tort
    • Refried Beans/ Spanish rice
  10. Conchinita Pibil
    • orange & achiote marinated slow roasted pork, pickled red onions with chipotle sauce
    • Refried BB/Poblano
  11. Pechuga Antonios
    lightly breaded fried chicken breast stuffed with jack cheeze, bacon, and mushrooms & smothered in chile con Queso
  12. Pechuga Monterey
    • Grilled Marinated chicken breast topped with mushrooms smothered with jack cheeze
    • served with guac salad
  13. Pollo Al Mojo de Ajo with rice and beans
    • 2 grilled boneless skinless chicken thighs marinated and basted in Garlic, wine, and butter
    • Charra/Spanish
  14. Cabo Pescado
    • Tilapia breaded with Panto Bread Crumbs, pecans, lightly fried and served with red onions, crema tomatillo
    • Charra/Spanish
  15. Pescado Enpapelado
    • Grilled Shrimp, Mahi mahi with Chipotle and butter rolled into foil and steamed
    • presented on a skillet and cut open for the customer
    • Served with Refried BB
    • Flour tortilla on the side
  16. Street Taco
    Corn tortilla , meat, produce, and salsa
  17. Puffy Taco
    Open Faced Taco
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