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    The Hero, super flexible, figures out people's wants and needs to keep people calm. Takes turns to play and to speak. Great problem solver
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    Rock Brain
    • Makes you get stuck on an idea.
    • Ex: Special Recess
    • Defeated by: "I can earn special recess"
    • Ex: I can't do it, its too hard
    • Defeated by: "I can try"
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    Body Snatcher
    • Moves a person's body away from the group.
    • Ex: Turning his body away from the group
    • Defeat: Point your shoulder to the group
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    • Quickly starts getting very upset
    • Ex: Hits, kicks, pinches, say's its not fair
    • Defeat: Count to 10 slowly and take deep breaths
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    Topic Twistermeister
    • Changes topic without completing the topic at hand
    • Ex: While teaching a lesson and he wants to talk about pac-man.
    • Defeat: Listen...what are we talking about?
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    Space Invader
    • Invades personal space
    • Ex: face to close to others, rasberries
    • Defeat: One-arm length away to give people their space.
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    Brain Eater
    • Distracts you very easily
    • Defeat: Turn your body & eyes away from what is distracting you and to the person who's talking.
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    Mean Jean
    • Gets people to act mean
    • Defeat: Ask yourself will this hurt my friend's feelings? If yes, we don't do it.
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    • Makes people overly competitive
    • Defeat: "We're just having fun", "I may win another time", "It's ok to let friends go first, I can get a turn later", "We win some, we lose some"
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