bio. chap 1

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    • 1.order
    • 2. Reproduction
    • 3.Growth and development
    • 4.Energy Processing
    • 5. Response to the environment
    • 6.Regulatio
    • 7. Evolutionary daption
  2. order
    the highly ordered structure that tipyfies life
  3. reproduction
    the ability of organisms to reproduce their own kind
  4. Growth and Development
    cosistent growth and development controlled by inherited DNA
  5. energy processing
    the use of chemical energy to power an organisms activities and chemical reactions
  6. response to the environment
    an ability to respond to environmental stimuli
  7. regulation
    an ability to control an organisms internal environment within limits that sustain life
  8. evolutionary daptation
    adaptations evolve over many generations as individuals with traits best suited to their environments have greater reproductive success and pass their traits to offspring.
  9. lifes hierarchy
    • 1.Organism
    • 2.Organ System
    • 3.Organ
    • 4.Tisssues
    • 5. Cells
    • 6.Organelle
    • 7. Molecule
  10. Organism
    an individual living thing
  11. organ system
    several organs that cooperate in a specific function
  12. organ
    a structure that is composed of tissues and that provides a specific function for the organism
  13. tissues
    a group of similar cells that perform a specific function
  14. organelle
    a membrane-bound structure that performs a specific function in a cell
  15. molecule
    a cluster of small chemical units called atoms held together by chemical bonds
  16. cells
    the fundamental unit of life
  17. biosphere
    all of the environment on earth that support life
  18. ecosystem
    all the organisms living in a particular area and the physical components with which the organisms interact
  19. community
    the entire array of the organisms living in a particular ecosystem
  20. population
    all the individuals of a species living ina specific area
  21. prokaryotes
    • -bacteria
    • -archae are prokaryotes that often live in earths extreme environments
    • -they do not have a nucleus
  22. eukaryots
    -single celled protists and multicellular, fungi, animals, and plants, animals, protists.
  23. producers
    are the products that provide the food
  24. consumers
    eat plants and other animals
  25. decomposers
    act as recyclers, changing complex matter into simpler mineral nutrients
  26. DNA
    • -chemical substance of genes
    • -transmits information between prant to offspring
    • -called chromosomes
    • -control the activities of the cell
  27. Domains
    • 1. Bacteria
    • 2.archaea
    • 3.eukarya
  28. evolution
    a large amount of evidence supports the idea of evolution , that species living today are descendants of ancestral species in what Darwin called "descent with modification"
  29. Natural Selection
    • -mechanism of evolution
    • -individuals in a population vary in their traits, many which are passed from parents to offspring
    • -a population can produce far more offspring than the environment
  30. Hypothesis
    -a proposed explanation for a set of observations. The logical flows from general premises to the specific results we should expect if the premises are true.
  31. Dependant Variable
    the variable that you are measuring
  32. Independant Variable
    the variable that you are changing
  33. Control Group
    using another group for comparison
  34. controlled experiment
    the gropu that doesnt do anything you have them as an example
  35. Graphs
    • Dependant Variables- y-axis
    • Independant Variablr- X- axis
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