Powerplant Part 3

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  1. When a magneto is disassembled, keepers are usually placed across the poles of the rotating magnet to reduce the loss of magnetism. These keepers are usually made of
    Soft Iron
  2. How is the strength of a magneto magnet checked?
  3. The E-gap angle is usually defined as the number of degrees between the neutral position of the rotating magnet and the position
  4. The greatest density of flux lines in the magnetic circuit of a rotating magnet-type magneto occurs when the magnet is in what position?
  5. Magneto breaker point opening relative to the position of the rotating magnet and distributor rotor (internal timing) can be set most accurately
  6. Why are high-tension ignition cables frequently routed from the distributors to the spark plugs in flexible metallic conduits?
  7. What will be the results of increasing the gap of the breaker points in a magneto?
  8. What is the purpose of a safety gap in some magnetos?
  9. When timing a magneto internally, the alignment of the timing marks indicates that the
  10. When internally timing a magneto, the breaker points begin to open when the rotating magnet is
  11. Magneto timing drift is caused by erosion of the breaker points and
  12. What is the electrical location of the primary capacitor in a high-tension magneto?
  13. In a high-tension ignition system, the current in the magneto secondary winding is
  14. When a 'Shower of Sparks' ignition system is activated at an engine start, a spark plug fires
  15. What is the radial location of the two north poles of a four-pole rotating magnet in a high-tension magneto?
  16. Magneto pole shoes are generally made of
  17. Capacitance afterfiring in most modern spark plugs is reduced by the use of
  18. What components make up the magnetic system of a magneto?
  19. In an aircraft ignition system, one of the functions of the capacitor is to
  20. When will the voltage in the secondary winding of a magneto, installed on a normally operating engine, be at its highest value?
  21. When the switch is off in a battery ignition system, the primary circuit is
  22. As an aircraft engine's speed is increased, the voltage induced in the primary coil of the magneto
  23. When internally timing a magneto, the breaker points begin to open when
  24. The purpose of a safety gap in a magneto is to
  25. A defective primary capacitor in a magneto is indicated by
  26. How many secondary coils are required in a low-tension ignition system on an 18-cylinder engine?
  27. A magneto ignition switch is connected
  28. The spark is produced in a magneto ignition system when the breaker points are
  29. Shielding is used on spark plug and ignition wires to
  30. What is the purpose of using an impulse coupling with a magneto?
  31. The purpose of staggered ignition is to compensate for
  32. Aircraft magneto housings are usually ventilated in order to
  33. Failure of an engine to cease firing after turning the magneto switch off is an indication of
  34. Alignment of the marks provided for internal timing of a magneto indicates that the
  35. When using a timing light to time a magneto to an aircraft engine, the magneto switch should be placed in the
  36. What is the difference between a low-tension and a high-tension engine ignition system?
  37. What test instrument could be used to test an ignition harness for suspected leakage?
  38. The amount of voltage generated in any magneto secondary coil is determined by the number of windings and by the
  39. Magneto breaker points must be timed to open when the
  40. (2) the timed opening of the retard breaker points is designed to prevent engine 'kickback' during start.Regarding the above statements,
  41. The capacitor-type ignition system is used almost universally on turbine engines primarily because of its high voltage and
  42. In a low-tension ignition system, each spark plug requires an individual
  43. A certain nine-cylinder radial engine used a noncompensated single-unit, dual-type magneto with a four-pole rotating magnet and separately mounted distributors. Which of the following will have the lowest RPM at any given engine speed?
  44. What will be the effect if the spark plugs are gapped too wide?
  45. When removing a shielded spark plug, which of the following is most likely to be damaged?
  46. What likely effect would a cracked distributor rotor have on a magneto?
  47. How does the ignition system of a gas turbine engine differ from that of a reciprocating engine?
  48. In a turbine engine dc capacitor discharge ignition system, where are the high-voltage pulses formed?
  49. Which of the following breaker point characteristics is associated with a faulty capacitor?
  50. How are most radial engine spark plug wires connected to the distributor block?
  51. Thermocouples are usually inserted or installed on the
  52. Capacitance afterfiring of a spark plug is caused by
  53. If it is found that a shielded ignition system does not adequately reduce ignition noise, it may be necessary to install
  54. When a magneto is operating, what is the probable cause for a shift in internal timing?
  55. Why are turbine engine igniters less susceptible to fouling than reciprocating engine spark plugs?
  56. The constrained-gap igniter plug used in some gas turbine engines operates at a cooler temperature because
  57. What should be used to clean grease or carbon tracks from capacitors or coils that are used in magnetos?
  58. Generally, when removing a turbine engine igniter plug, in order to eliminate the possibility of the technician receiving a lethal shock, the ignition switch is turned off and
  59. Great caution should be exercised in handling damaged hermetically sealed turbine engine igniter transformer units because
  60. Igniter plugs used in turbine engines are subjected to high intensity spark discharges and yet they have a long service life because they
  61. The electrical circuit from the spark plug back to the magneto is completed by grounding through the
  62. Spark plugs are considered worn out when the
  63. Which of the following could cause damage to the nose ceramic or to the electrode of an aircraft spark plug?
  64. Sharp bends should be avoided in ignition leads primarily because
  65. In a high-tension ignition system, a primary capacitor of too low a capacity will cause
  66. Which of the following, obtained during magneto check at 1,700 RPM, indicates a short (grounded) circuit between the right magneto primary and the ignition switch?
  67. If an aircraft ignition switch is turned off and the engine continues to run normally, the trouble is probably caused by
  68. Which statement is correct regarding the ignition system of a turbine engine?
  69. When the ignition switch of a single (reciprocating) engine aircraft is turned to the OFF position,
  70. A spark plug's heat range is the result of
  71. If staggered ignition timing is used, the
  72. The term 'reach,' as applied to spark plug design and/or type, indicates the
  73. The numbers appearing on the ignition distributor block indicate the
  74. When testing a magneto distributor block for electrical leakage, which of the following pieces of test equipment should be used?
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