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Ops Specs
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Ops Specs

Ops Spec
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  1. How far must your landing distance be from the LAHSO line?
  2. What are the Limitations and Provisions to except LAHSO?
    • Dry Runway
    • Visual or Elec. vertical guidance
    • 3sm and 1000ft
    • No windshear in the past 20min.
    • Tailwind no more than 3kt
    • For night the LAHSO light operating
  3. You need an Alternate if
    • 1 hr before and after the ETA
    • Ceiling 1500ft above lowest circle app.
    • If no Circle app: 1500ft above MDA or 2000ft Airport, whichever is higher.
    • Visibility 3 sm or 2sm more than the lowest mins. Which ever is higher
  4. Alternate Weather Minimums
    • 1 Nav. Facility:
    • Add 400ft to MDA or DA
    • 1sm to the landing minimum
    • 2 Nav. Facility:
    • Add 200ft to higher MDA or DH
    • 1/2sm to the higher landing minimum
  5. What are Standard and Published takeoff minimums?
    • Standard is 1sm
    • Published is will let you use Standard if you can make the special climb gradient.
  6. Flight limatations and rest requirements quarters
    • 500hr a quarter
    • 800hr two quarters
    • 1400hr a year
  7. Flyin time may not exceed
  8. MEL time between deferral and repair
    • Cat A: Specified
    • Cat B: 3 days
    • Cat C: 10 days
    • Cat D: 120 days
  9. Auto Pilot minimum altitudes
    • Enroute: 500ft above terrian
    • Nonprecision App: 50ft MDA
    • ILS: 50ft above terrian
  10. A NTSB Incident is
    Other than an Accident , associated with the operation of an aircraft that could effect safety.
  11. A NTSB Accident is
    • Requires Hospital for 48hr within the 7 days of injury
    • Fracture of any big bone
    • Severe Hemorrhages, nerve, muscle or tendon damage
    • Internal organ
    • 2nd or 3rd degree burns of 5% body
  12. NTSB Substantial Damage is
    Anything that adversely effects the structural strenght, performance or flight characteristics