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  1. Annual, climbing to prostrate, sometimes low and erect. Herbage adhesive by small, hooked prickles. Whorls of leaves 6-8
    Galium aparine- Rubiaceae

  2. Perennial, erect to straggling, variously glabrous, velvety, scabrous or hispid, hairs not hooked; Flower corollas red, pink or rarely yellow
    Galium wrightii- Rubiaceae

  3. Shrub, +/- erect, scabrous; Stem stout, brittle; Leaf whorls of 4, lanceolate to needle like, tip sharp to touch; Flowers whitish
    Galium stellatum ssp. eremicum- Rubiaceae

  4. Ann., decumbent and compact, 2-10cm, glandular or short pilose; lvs 3-5 linear lobes 5-11mm w/ mucronate tip; flws in terminal, bracteate clusters, open in both day and night
    Linanthus demissus- Polemoniaceae

  5. Ann., 4-10cm; st glandular; lves linear, entire 10-20mm, lves glabrous; flw 1-3 terminal or axillary, open only at night, subsessile
    Linanthus jonesii- Polemoniaceae

  6. Ann., glabrous, hairy or glandular; lvs lobed, linear, 3-6mm; flw on a thread-like peduncle; open day or night
    Linanthus aureus- Polemoniaceae

  7. Ann., dichotomously branching, glabrous; lves linear 1-3.5cm long; flw 1-3 terminal and axillary, sessile to subsessile; open only at night
    • Linanthus bigelovii- Polemoniaceae

  8. Ann., Fr. < 4mm, 1 row of seeds above mid-fr
    Mentzelia affinis- Loasaceae
  9. Per., compact, hemispheric growth form; fr. >4mm wide; grows on talus, rock outcroppings and canyon walls
    Mentzelia oreophila- Loasaceae
  10. Per.; fr. >4mm wide; open growth form w/ widely spaced flws; grows in sandy, gravelly areas
    Mentzelia integra- Loasaceae

  11. Per.; >4mm wide fr.; flw bracts green
    Mentzelia tricuspis- Loasaceae

  12. Per.; >4mm wide fr.; flw bracts white w/ green margins
    Mentzelia involucrata- Loasaceae
  13. Ann.; fr. < 4mm; St. hairy; flw bracts (ob)ovate gen. toothed, base whitish; fr. straight to < 70 deg.
    Mentzelia veatchiana- Loasaceae
  14. Ann.; fr. < 4mm; St. glabrous or hairy; flw bracts lanceolate to obovate, entire or toothed; fr. curved 90-180 deg
    Mentzelia albicaulis- Loasaceae
  15. Ann.; fr. < 4mm wide; flw bracts 0 or lanceolate entire; Seeds with flap-like fold at 1 end, angles rounded, surface rounded-papillate
    Mentzelia nitens- Loasaceae
  16. Ann.; fr. < 4mm wide; always has flw bracts triangular-ovate entire; seeds seed not folded at 1-end, angles acute, surface pointed-papillate
    Mentzelia jonesii- Loasaceae
  17. Delicate annual herb; lves basal
    Nemacladus glanduliferus- Campanulaceae
  18. Infl. 1 per node; Involucre, fr. hairy; Per.; Invol. +/- bell shaped; Seed 4-angled, smooth to +/- wrinkled; st. and lv. hairs short straight. *gland appendage maybe wider or narrower than gland*
    Chamaesyce polycarpa- Euphorbiaceae

  19. St segments cylindric to club-like w/ tubercles; Major spines distinctly flat w/ epidermal sheath separating only from tip; Largest spines with cross-rows of rough papillae; Ovary bristles stiff with reflexed barbes; Perianth yellow
    Grusonia parishii- Cactaceae- Matted cholla

  20. Sap milky; Leaves thistle-like, toothed and spiney; St w/ glandular hairs; Heads ligulate; Ligules all 5 lobed; clasping lv base rounded and curled
    Sonchus asper- Asteraceae- Prickly sow thistle

  21. Sap milky; Heads ligulate; Ligules all 5 lobed; Pappus of smooth bristles; Many flw / head; Corollas yellow; Clasping lv base rounded and curled
    Sonchus oleraceus- Asteraceae- Common sow thistle

  22. -Ann.; Involucre unribbed, stalked
    -Leaves basal and glabrous to coarsely hairy or hairy in patches;
    Sometimes stem is inflated below nodes;
    -Inflorescence glabrous or glandular only at base or nodes
    -Erect, thread-like pedicles
    -Involucre teeth 4
    -Flowers yellow
    -Perianth densely and often coarsely hairy
    ´╗┐´╗┐Eriogonum trichopes- Polygonaceae- Little desert trumpet

  23. -Ann.; Involucre unribbed, stalked
    -Lvs mostly basal, round-cordate to round-reniform, +/- tomentose on both sides
    -Perianth bases variablely lobed cordate, obtuse or truncate
    -Perianth minutely hairy
    Eriogonum thomasii- Polygonaceae- Thomas' buckwheat
  24. Inflor. axes glandular; Invol. stalks reflexed
    Eriogonum brachypodum- Polygonaceae- Parry's buckwheat
  25. Involuc. stalks reflexed
    Eriogonum cernuum- Polygonaceae- Nodding buckwheat
  26. Invol. stalk absent, reflexed or rarely erect
    Eriogonum deflexum var. deflexum- Polygonaceae- Flatcrown buckwheat
  27. Stem inflated below nodes; Invol. stalks absent or erect;
    Eriogonum inflatum- Polygonaceae- Desert trumpet
  28. Lvs basal and cauline; Involuc. stalk erect;
    Eriogonum maculatum- Polygonaceae- Spotted buckwheat
  29. Ann.; Involuc. sessile; Perianth always yellow; Inflor. branches gen. curved inward
    Eriogonum nidularium- Polygonaceae- Birdnest buckwheat

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Lake Mead Plant list
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Mojave Desert Lake Mead Plants Scientific Names

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