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  1. Indigenous
    (adj) describes people or things that are native to a region. Immigrants and transplants don't qualify.
  2. interloper
    Intrude where they aren't wanted, whether they are meddlers in affairs of others or merely non-indigenous species of a plant.
  3. extraneous
    (adj) "coming from the outside," more likely to have strong sense of irrelevent or unimportant
  4. inherent
    Existing in something as a permanent, essential, or characteristic attribute: "inherent dangers". integral to its being. part of the figurative DNA
  5. germane
    (adj) "relevant" or "suitable"
  6. pariah
    (n) social outcast, somone not accepted in society.
  7. endemic
    (adj) native or common to or peculiar to a specific region or abstract area.
  8. intrinsic
    (adj) Belonging naturally; essential. inward synonym to inherent and innate
  9. ostracize
    (v) pariah, expelling a person from a community either literally or figuratively.
  10. tangential
    (adj) "slightly touching" or "barely connected"
  11. ominous
    (adj) a foreshadowing of the future, always threatenging, the menacing.
  12. portentous
    something carrying a sign, a portent, of the threats of the future. pretentiously weighty, pompous.
  13. inauspicious
    (adj) predicting the future, usually negative
  14. imminent
    (adj) something about to occur. positive or negative.
  15. impending
    threatening or not. arrival of the event hangs over you.
  16. minatory
    (adj) threatening
  17. presage
    (v) a forewarning, ominous feeling, prediction
  18. bode and forebode
    omen, forebode intesnsifies the presentiment
  19. propiate
    (v) actions to appease or calm forces that might oppose favorable outcomes
  20. harbinger
    (n) forerunner, early warning or messener of what's to come
  21. squander
    (v) "wasting"
  22. dissipation
    (n) (a) literal scattering or dispersing, and (b) a specialized sense of scattering one's energy through immoderate pursuit of trivial pleasers, especially activites such as gambling, intemperate drinking, and sexual activity
  23. disefranchize
    lose the right to vote
  24. forfeiture
    (n) penalty, giving up of something in one's possesion
  25. denude
    (v) trees losing leaves or vegetation, to make bare
  26. privation
    (n) deprived of basic necessities or comforts
  27. divest
    literally undress. "getting rid of"
  28. renounce
    (v) giving up something formal
  29. elagiac
    (adj) sadness from a loss-friends, love, youth
  30. bereave
    (v) "to leave desolate, usually by death."
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