SFTW Vocab ar

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  1. aclarar
    to lighten
  2. amarrar
    to tie, fasten
  3. *apagar
    to extinguish, put out
  4. apuntar
    to point at
  5. arreglar
    to settle, to sort out
  6. asegurar
    to secure
  7. atrasar(se)
    to delay, to be late
  8. avisar
    to inform, to warn
  9. ayudar
    to help, aid, assist
  10. *buscar
    to look for
  11. *calentar
    to warm up
  12. *cerrar
    to close, shut
  13. *comenzar
    to begin, to start
  14. comprar
    to buy
  15. *comunicar
    to be busy
  16. *contar
    to count
  17. controlar
    to control
  18. cortar
    to cut
  19. *cruzar
    to cross, to exchange
  20. cuidar
    to look after, to care for
  21. dañar
    to damage
  22. *dar
    to give
  23. dejar
    to leave
  24. desinfectar
    to disinfect
  25. *empezar
    to begin, to start
  26. *encontrar
    to find
  27. *sacar
    to take out
  28. supervisar
    to supervise
  29. terminar
    to finish
  30. tirar
    to throw
  31. tocar
    to touch
  32. tomar
    to take
  33. trabajar
    to work
  34. usar
    to use
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