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  1. Pt with COPD has poor appetite due to what?
    Use all their energyto breathe
  2. Serious side effect of o2 respiratory problems
  3. Removal of one lobe of lung
  4. One symptom of pulmonary embolism
  5. Placement of radiation in body to treat malignancy
  6. Functional assessment
    How the disease is affecting the patient's lifestyle
  7. Another name for crackles
  8. What is the sputum test checking for is the presence of acid-fast bacilli is found
  9. What test assesses ventilator function of lung
  10. When a patient develops a pulmonary embolism, this causes poor
    tissue perfusion
  11. To auscultate breath sounds in right lower lobe on anterior aspect, place the stethoscope where?
    8th intercostal space
  12. Hypercapnia
    Excess CO2 in blood
  13. What are you assessing for when you do the Homans sign
    Deep Vein Thrombosis
  14. What do we assess for after fiberoptic bronchoscopy
    Gag reflex
  15. What test do we perform before we do a blood gas
    Allen test
  16. If a patient goes in for MRI, what is asked prior to test?
    Have they worked in sheet metal
  17. What is another name for coryza
    Common cold
  18. If prior to a test we ask if patient is allergic to seafood, what are we going to do?
    Use iodine
  19. DOT
    Directly observed therapy
  20. Bronchitis and viral or bacterial pneumonia are most common complications of
  21. A patient's ability to inhale and exhale with force
    Airway dynamics
  22. Timeframe of late stage of asthma
    5-6 hours
  23. Patient with persistent bronchospasm is said to have
    Status asthmaticus (leads to respiratory arrest)
  24. Which emphysema is caused by hereditary deficiency of an enzyme?
    Panlobular emphysema
  25. What disease is characterized by increased production of mucous
    Cystic fibrosis
  26. What does chest physiotherapy consist of
    Percussion, vibration, and postural drainage
  27. Persistent productive cough for 3-4 months for the past 5 years
    Chronic Bronchitis
  28. What is the nursing impilcation when a COPD patient has hypoxic drive?
    Oxygen therapy should not exceed 3 ml/min. Patients with COPD have raised CO2 levels and depend of a deficiency of oxygen (hypoxia) to stimulate respiration. This is called hypoxic drive. In normal people, the blood level of CO2 drives respiration
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