HW 2 & 3

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  1. compares previous results with current results for the sane test on the same patient
    delta check
  2. this organization establishes standards for the operation of hospitals and other healthcare facilities and services
    the joint commission
  3. what 2 organizations does CMS manage?
    medicaid and medicare
  4. early warning policy to help healthcare organizations identify unfavorable actions and takes steps to prevent them
    quality indicatiors
  5. measurable, objective guides are established to monitor all aspects of patient care
  6. which manual describes the chemical, electrical, and radiation safety for the lab
    safety manual
  7. national organization that develops guidelines and sets standards for laboratory procedures
  8. BBP
    blood born pathogens
  9. EPA
    environmental protection agency
  10. precontaneous
    through the skin
  11. class a fire
    wood and paper
  12. method to extinguish class A fire
    soda and acid or water to cool the fire
  13. class b fire
    electrical equipment
  14. method to extinguish class b fire
    foam, dry chemical, or Carbon dioxide
  15. class C fire
    flammable liquid
  16. method to extinguish class c fire
    dry chemical, CO2, halon or nonconductable
  17. class D fire
    combustible or reactive metals
  18. method of extinguishing class D fire
    dry powder or sand
  19. class K fires
    high temperature cooking oils, grease or fat
  20. method to extinguish class k fire
    agents that prevent splashq
  21. most effective means of controlling external hemorrhage is
    applying firm direct pressure
  22. mucous membrane exposure: flush the eyes nose or mouth with water or sterile saline for a minimum of
    10 minutes
  23. needlestick or sharps injury requires
    removal of sharp and wash with soap and water for a minimum of 30 seconds
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