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  1. "The author talks about a well-known, or _____New York skyscraper. Someone or something that is ______is well known to many people." (from Gateways 2 Anthology, p. 270)

    What is this 6 letters vocabulary adjective word?


    • 1. Who is famous, a rock star or her manager? Explain.

    2. Is it easy to spot a famous person in public? Explain.
  2. "It is necessary to have a steel frame to build skyscrapers. In other words, steel frames are the ________of a tall building. Something's _____ are its most basic and important parts." (from Gateways 2 Anthology, p. 270)

    What is this 11 letters vocabulary adjective word?


    • 1. Which is the fundamental part of a gift, the present or the wrapping paper? Explain.

    2. Is exercise fundamental to good health? Explain.
  3. "When Elisha Otis invented the safe elevator, on one had thought of the idea before. In other words, his idea for the elevator was ________. Something that is _____ is new and has never been tried before." (from Gateways 2 Anthology, p. 270)

    What is this 10 letters vocabulary adjective word?


    • 1. Which is innovative, an invention or a copy? Explain.

    2. Is a new car innovative? Explain.
  4. "In this story, the author explains that architects are always_______to build taller skyscrapers because they love the challenge of building tall buildings. If you are ________ for something, you want it so much you can hardly wait." (from Gateways 2 Anthology, p. 271)

    What is this 5 letters vocabulary verb word?


    1. Are teenagers eager to clean their rooms or go to a concert? Explain.

    2. If you were eager to visit a friend, would you make time to do it?
  5. "Builders use steel rods to _______ concrete and make it stronger. If you _______something, you add something else to it to make it stronger or harder." (from Gateways 2 Anthology, p. 271)

    What is this 9 letters vocabulary verb word?


    • 1. Would an architect need to reinforce a wall made of steel or a wall made of cardboard? Explain.

    2. Would an athlete use a brace to reinforce an injured knee? Explain.
  6. "Architects often use mirrored glass, stainless steel, and other materials to make their skyscrapers look unique. In other words, they _______ interesting materials into their buildings. If you _______ things, you include them or bring them together." (from Gateways 2 Anthology, p. 271)

    What is this 11 letters vocabulary verb word?


    • 1. Does a clothing designer or an architect incorporate fabric into a new design? Explain.

    2. Would a chef incorporate chicken salad into a cake? Explain.

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Vocabulary Words

innovative, incorporate, eager, famous, fundamentals, reinforce
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