Bio Week 3

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  1. methyl group is the only one that is
    nonpolar and not ionized
  2. hydrocarbon
    molecule with only C and H atoms
  3. asymmetrical carbon
    • left + right isomers
    • enantiomers
  4. carbohydrates
    • very water solubile
    • a variation of CH2O
    • energy storage-plants store it as sugar
    • "starch" is amylose ex. grains, root crops, tapioca
    • monosaccharides ex. triose (3 carbons), pentose (5 carbonds), hexoses (6 carbons)
    • disaccharides.
    • e.g. sucrose (glucose and fructose)
    • maltose (glucose and glucose)
    • lactose (glucose and galactose)
  5. Name large biological molecule, monomer, and linkage for carbohydrate.
    • polysaccharides
    • monosaccharides
    • glycosidic linkage
  6. Name large biological molecule, monomer, and linkage for protein
    • protein/polypeptide
    • amino acid
    • peptide bond
  7. Name large biological molecule, monomer, and linkage for lipids (any substance that is hydrophobic)
    • triglyceride *only one that's not a polymer*
    • 1 glycerol+3 fatty acids
    • ester linkage
  8. Name large biological molecule, monomer, and linkage for nucleic acid
    • DNA+RNA
    • nucleotides
    • phosphodiester
  9. by what method are all polymers made and broken up
    dehydration synthesis and hydrolysis
  10. dehydration synthesis/condensation reaction
    forms bonds by removing a water molecule
  11. hydrolysis
    • breaks down macromolecules by the addition of a water molecule
    • it happens only with the help of enzymes
  12. polysaccharides
    • energy storage
    • structural
    • amylose=starch
    • glycogen=animal starch
    • cellulose=structural for cell walls of plants
    • chitin=cell wall of fungi/exoskeleton
  13. alpha glucose
    • hydroxyl group is down
    • amylose=a polymer of alpha 1,4 glycosidic linkages
    • easy to digest
  14. beta glucose
    • hydroxyl group is up
    • not digestable e.g. fabric, wood
    • celloluse beta 1,4 glycosidic linkage
  15. lipids
    • anything that is hydrophobic
    • ex. hydrocarbonds, fatty acids, steroids, cholesterol, testesterone, triglyceorides
    • wax
  16. triglyceride is
    fat. by law.
  17. saturated fat
    • triglyceride that is solid at room temp
    • e.g. butter, margarin, lard
  18. unsaturated fat
    • triglyceride that is liquid at room temp
    • e.g. olive oil, soy bean oil, walnut oil, almond oil, peanut oil
    • has at least 1 double bond which makes a kink in the molecule
  19. saturated and unsaturated structure

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