Head and Neck Exam

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  1. What is lid lag, and when is it seen?
    Lid lag occurs when the eye moves down faster than the eyelid, so a rim of white sclera will be visible when you ask the patient to look down. Seen in patients with Grave's.
  2. Susac's syndrome
    A microangiopathy, characterized by vision loss, hearing loss, and behavioral changes. Lesions in the corpus callosum are visible on MRI.
  3. Presentation of subacute thyroiditis
    Chronic sore throat, pain that radiates to the back of the neck, and tenderness of the thyroid
  4. Venous hum in thyroid
    Seen in Grave's, due to increased vascularity
  5. Causes of parotid enlargement
    • Mumps, stones in the parotid duct
    • Sjogren's, sarcoidosis, Mikulicz disease (generalized fibrosis, associated with Reidel's, AI pancreatitis, and liver dysfunction--elevated IgG4 is diagnostic)
    • Cancer
    • Malnutrition, dehydration (bulimia)
  6. What might an enlarged tongue indicate?
    • Angioedema (allergic reaction)
    • Tumor
    • Primary amyloidosis
    • Acromegaly
  7. Leukoplakia
    White patches on the tongue and mucus membranes. Is often premalignant. Can be caused by smoking, HPV, and candida
  8. High, arched palate
  9. Causes of gingival hyperplasia
    • Phenytoin
    • Cyclosporin
    • AML`
  10. Most common cause of tonsilitis
    EBV (infectious mono)
  11. Patient presents with hemotysis and small red dots on the lips
    Osler-Weber-Rendu syndrome/hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia
  12. Causes of bilateral Bell's palsy
    Lyme disease, sarcoidosis
  13. Periorbital edema
    Acute nephritic syndrome
  14. Loss of the lateral aspect of the eyebrows
  15. Alopecia areata
    Seen in hypothyroidism
  16. Anophthalmus
    Horner's syndrome
  17. Arcus senilis
    A white band around the cornea, seen with age
  18. Cogan's syndrome
    Recurrent inflammation of the cornea, along with hearing loss. May be AI, or associated with vasculitis that affects CN VIII
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