P.E. vocab 1

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  1. Flexibility
    Moving the joints throught their full range of motion.
  2. Muscular Endurance
    Contracting muscles many times without stopping.
  3. Cardiovascular Endurance
    Move for long periods of time without stopping.
  4. Hypokinetic Conditions
    Health problems or illness that are caused partly by lack of regular physical activity.
  5. Hyperkinetic Conditions
    Health problems caused by doing too much physical activity.
  6. Physical Fitness
    The ability of the body systems to work together efficiently.
  7. Physical Activity
    Movement using the larger muscles of the body: sports, dance, daily activities, do a task, enjoyment, & fitness.
  8. Muscular Strength
    The amount of force your muscels can produce,
  9. Health
    One being free from illness, having good wellness and good fitness.
  10. Physical Education
    Learning in the four domains of cognitive, fitness, motor skills, and social behavior.
  11. Exercise
    Physical Activity done for the sake of getting fit.
  12. Wellness
    The state of being that helps a person reach his highest potential-emotional, physical, mental, social, spirit.
  13. Body Composition
    All of the tissues that make up your body.
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