Marketing Chapter 10

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  1. Prospecting
    The process producers use to identify, contact, and qualify potential customers.
  2. Prospect
    A potential customer.
  3. Referred Lead
    A well qualified prospect whose name a customer gives to a salesperson. AKA referral.
  4. Sales Presentation
    The promotional message a producer delivers to a prospect to explain the product or products recommended in a proposal, stimulate the prospects interest in those products, and motivate the prospect to purchase the products.
  5. Sales Aid
    Sales promotion material that can be used in conjunction with a sales presentation.
  6. Point-of-Purchase Materials
    Promotional material provided to customers where products are purchased.
  7. Specialty Advertising
    A product that customers will make a special effort to obtain.
  8. Product Advertising
    Any advertising designed to promote or focus on a specific product or service; includes direct response advertising and product awareness advertising.
  9. Institutional Advertising
    Advertising designed to promote a company, industry, or point of view.
  10. Direct Response Advertising
    Product advertising designed to encourage customers to take action immediately, either by buying a product or requesting info about a particular product/svc.
  11. Product Awareness Advertising
    Advertising that seeks to stimulate demand for a product/svc over time.
  12. Informative Product Advertising
    A form of product awareness advertising that provides info about a product.
  13. Persuasive Product Advertising
    A form of product awareness advert. that tries to build customer preference and increase sales for a specific product by supporting or changing existing beliefs about the product.
  14. Comparative Advertising
    Persuasive product advert. that compares a product to a competing product on the basis of one or more attributes. AKA competitive advertising.
  15. Reminder Product Advertising
    Product awareness advert - reinforce customers buying havits and a co's earlier promotion efforts by keeping the name of a mature product in customers minds.
  16. Image-Building Advertising
    Institutional advert. - increase customer confidence in an industry or co by emphasizing the industry/co's history, stability, experience, progressive attitudes.
  17. Advocacy Advertising
    Institutional advert. - presents co's position on an issue important to the public.
  18. Informative Institutional Advertising
    Institut. Advert. - makes special announcements about a co like mergers, acquisitions, relocation of offices, or new ventures a co is involved in.
  19. Competitive Institutional Advertising
    Institut. advert. - promotes one product or product category over a competing product or prod cat.
  20. Consumer Advertising
    Advertising directed to individuals and organizations.
  21. Trade Advertising
    Advertising directed toward distributors, often highly technical in nature, that describes the benefits to distr. of selling a co's products as well as the benefits to the customer of buying the co's stuff.
  22. Advertising Campaign
    A coordinated series of advertisements designed to prmote a product, product line, or the co itself.
  23. Advertising Agency
    Org that provides its clients with a variety of advertising related services including developing advertising themes, selecting media, creating, producting and placing advrts.
  24. Sales-Oriented Advertising Objective
    An advertising objective that usually describes desired results in terms of an increase in sales or market share.
  25. Communication-Oriented Advertising Objective
    An advert. obj. that seeks to increase customer interest in and awareness and knowledge of a co.
  26. Media Plan
    A document that specifies the types of media in which advertisements will appear, the specific media vehicles in which adverts will run, and the number and pattern of exposures for the advertisements.
  27. Reach
    In media advert., the total number of ppl exposed to an advert in a given medium.
  28. Frequency
    In media advert - # of times the same ppl in a target market are exposed to a particular advert in a given medium in a given time period.
  29. Waste
    In media advert - the number of non target market ppl exposed to an advert in a given medium.
  30. Narrowcasting
    A method of reducing advert waste by selecting media that reach only a well defined audience segment.
  31. Audience Selectivity
    The ability of an advert to reach an intended target market.
  32. Buyer Turnover
    A measure of how often new customers enter the market to buy a product.
  33. Purchase Frequency
    The number of times a product is typically purchased.
  34. Forgetting Rate
    The rate at which customers forget a product or brand if no advertising is run.
  35. Steady Timing Pattern
    A pattern for timing adverts in which adverts are distributed evenly thruout a specified period of time.
  36. Pulsing Pattern
    A pattern for timing adverts where they're distributed unevenly in a period of time. AKA bursting pattern.
  37. Copy
    Any spoken or printed words in an advertisement.
  38. Art
    Any visual element in an advertisement. AKA graphics.
  39. Audio
  40. Execution Style
    The specific form of presentation used to transform and adverts appeal into a message.
  41. Pre-testing
    Tests a co can use to measure how well an advert performs on a lmtd basis before tehy run the full scale campaign.
  42. Post-testing
    Tests used to measure adverts performance during or after its use in a campaign.
  43. Direct Comparison Test
    Pretesting method - target market members shown several adverts and then rate each on how well it captures attention, creates interest, conveys message, changes beliefs, or motivates purchase.
  44. Pre-rollout Test
    Pretesting method - segment of target audience exposed to print or broadcast advert in real life context and then asked to evaluate its effectiveness.
  45. Recall Test
    Post-testing method - measures how well customers remember adverts.
  46. Aided Recall Test
    A type of recall test where customers are given info to jog their memories of a particular advert.
  47. Unaided Recall Test
    A type of recall test that establishes whether and hwo well an audience member exposed to a particular advert remembers the advert w/out prompting or clues.
  48. Recognition Test
    Post testing method - target market members shwon actual adverts to whcih they were previously exposed and then asked if they remember them.
  49. Attitude Test
    Post testing method mesures customers views & beliefs before and after their exposure to an advert.
  50. Inquiry Test
    Post testing method - measures the number of responses or inquiries generated by an advert that invites customers to cal or write for more info or that offers customers a free sample or a gift if they respond.
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