Social Psych Ch 2

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  1. Independent variable?
    Variable that is manipulated by the experimenter,can’t be effected by Dependent variable
  2. Dependent variable?
    Variable that is just measured; its value depends on other variables in the study
  3. Correlation-Positive?
    • one variable goes up, the other does too,
    • Negative Correlation= as one variable goes up, the other goes down.
    • Zero Correlation= there is no relationship between the two variables. Measured in -1 through +1. .+5 is a good correlation
  4. Field Study?
    High realism, hard to manipulate variables, lots of other things occurring, sometimes can be illegal (rigging a game show).
  5. Controlled experiment?
    Experiment with a control group and an experiment group, using both groups to measure a placebo effect within the group.
  6. Random Assignment?
    Assures a higher success rate for a study when each person is randomly assigned to a control or experiment group
  7. Random Selection?
    Choosing participants at random so that everyone has a chance of representing the population, allows for generalization of the population.
  8. Main Effect?
    Main effect of the study on our participants, from the results what is the main conclusion?
  9. Interaction?
    like a correlation, it’s a result from the survey that can be derived usually from a graph.
  10. Pre-test?
    a test issued to participants to try and measure their feelings or whatever before they are involved in the experiment, so we can compare with a post test, not a good idea for a study, can make participants much more nervous and aware of the experiment.
  11. Confound?
    An outside source that may be interacting with the results of the experiment, something that may be manipulated accidently. Basically other things going on in the experiment.
  12. Experimental group?
    the group that is being tested, their results determine the result of the study.
  13. Control group?
    the group that is being issued a placebo, we should already know their results before they occur.
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