Histology Lab

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    Simple Squamous Epithelium

    • L: lines heart; lines blood vessels
    • F: good passage for filtration & diffusion
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    Simple Cuboidal Epithelium

    • L: Covers surface of ovary; lines anterior surface of eye lense
    • F: Secretion & Absorbtion
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    Simple Columnar Epithelium

    • L: Lines gastrointestinal tract; gullbladder
    • F: Secretion & Absorbtion
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    Glandular Epithelium

    • L: Pituitary Gland; Pineal Gland
    • F: Regulate Hormones & maintain homeostasis
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    Stratified Epithelium

    • L: Superficial layers of skin; lining the mouth
    • F: Protect against abbrasians & foreign invasion
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    Pseudostratified Ciliated Columnar Epithelium

    • L: Nasal cavities; trachea
    • F: Secrete mucus & move mucus by cilia
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    Hyaline Cartilage

    • L: ends of long bones; anterior ends of ribs
    • F: Flexibility & Smooth surface for movement
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    Adipose Tissue

    • L: Around Heart; kidneys
    • F: Reduces heat loss & an energy reserve
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    White Fibrous Tissue (Fibrocartilage)

    • L: Intervertebral disks; pubic symphysis
    • F: Support and joining structures together & strength/flexibility
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    Elastic (Yellow) Cartilage

    • L: Lod ontop of larynx; auditory tube
    • F: Elasticity & Strength
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    Ligamentum Nuchae, Teased (Yellow Elastric)

    • L: Lungs; trachea
    • F: Allows organs to stretch & contract
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    Blood Cells (Red)

    • L: Within blood vessels; chambers of the heart
    • F: Transport Oxygen & CO2
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    Bone (Decalcified)

    • L: Skull; Femur
    • F: Movement & Posture
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    Cancellous Bone

    • L: Skull; Femur
    • F: Movement & Posture
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    Skeletal Muscle (C.S.)

    • L: Attached to different bones by tendons
    • F: Motion & Posture
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    Striated (Skeletal) Muscle (L.S.)

    • L: Attached to different bones by tendons
    • F: Motion & Posture
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    Smooth Muscle

    • L: Iris of eyes; airways to lungs
    • F: Motion (Contraction of the urinary bladder)
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    Cardiac Muscle

    • L: Walls of the Heart
    • F: To pump blood to the rest of the body
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    Nervous Tissue (C.S.)

    • L: Nervous System
    • F: Converts stimuli into nerve implulses
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