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  1. Altruism
    n. Selflessness; generosity; devotion to the interests of others.

    The company depended on the altruism of the rich man, who gave them money.
  2. Ambience
    n. atmosphere; mood; feeling

    By decorating their house with fun things, they created a playful ambience that delighted young children.
  3. Ambivalent
    adj. undecided; having opposed feelings simultaneously.

    Susan felt ambivalent about George as a boyfriend. Her frequent desire to break up with him reflected this ambivalence.
  4. Ameliorate
    v. to make better or more tolerable

    The mood of the prisoners ameliorated when the warden gave them games.
  5. Amenable
    (uh MEE nuh bul)
    adj. obedient; willing to give in to the wishes of another; agreeable

    • I suggested that Bert pay for my lunch, and to my surprise, he was amenable.
    • The plumber was amenable to my paying the bill with jelly beans.
  6. Amenity
    n. pleasantness; attractive or comfortable feature

    The amenities at the local club include a pool, and a shelter. (toilets, soap) anything which increases your comfort.
  7. Amiable
    adj. friendly; agreeable
  8. Amoral
    adj. lacking a sense of right and wrong; neither good nor mad, neither moral nor immoral; without moral feelings.

    A moral person does good; an immoral person does wrong; an amoral person simply does.
  9. Amorphous
    adj. shapeless; without a regular or stable shape; bloblike

    His report was amorphous; it was as shapeless and disorganised as a cloud.
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