Vocabulary Unit 10 1-10

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  1. bellow
    roar; a loud, angry roar
  2. beneficiary
    one who benefits from something; a person who is left something in a will or the like
  3. botch
    to repair poorly; make a mess of; a hopelessly bungled job
  4. clutter
    to fill in a disorderly way; mess
  5. dilapidated
    falling apart
  6. dismantle
    to take apart; to strip of something
  7. farce
    a play filled with ridiculous happenings; far-fetched humor; a ridiculous sham
  8. futile
    not successful; useless; unimportant
  9. grueling
    very tiring
  10. hospitable
    offering friendly treatment to guests; open to anything new
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