Elements,Compounds and Mixtures

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  1. What is an element?
    An element is an absolutely pure substance that cannot be broken down into other substances.
  2. You can combine different elements to make new substances.
    Which can then be broken down into elements again.
  3. How many naturally occuring elements are there?
    There are ninety-two naturally occuring elements.
  4. What are the element that have been made in laboratories called?
    • Synthetic elements. There are over twenty synthetic elements.
    • *Not to be confused with synthesis
  5. What are Atoms?
    An atom is the smallest substance that is still a substance. Atoms are extremely small, and cannot be seen by the naked eye.
  6. What are componds?
    • A compound is two or more molecules chemically combined to make a new substance.
    • A compound has more than one element otherwise it's just a molecule.
    • Small groups of atoms are called molecules. Large groups of atoms are called lattices.
    • Special forces called atomic bonds hold atoms together.
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  7. Compounds
    • A compound consists of lots of the same molecules joined or bonded together.
    • A compound could also be a lattice of manny different atoms.
  8. Mixture
    • A mixture contains two or more substances (elements or compounds) simply mixed together. These substances are not bonded together and no new substance is formed when they are combined.
    • This means that the mixture can be seperated very easily.
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