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  1. a new antibiotic not manufactured with current Good Manufacturing Practices is considered to be:
  2. A drug removed from the Market due to a Class 1 recall
    Has a reasonable probability that use will cause serious adverse health consquences or death
  3. The book to assist ensuring that all generic products substituted for trade-name products that are bioequalvent
    Orange Book
  4. Clinical Trials

    When developing a new drug,

    multi-centered with hundreeds or even thousands of patients enrolled
    Phase 3
  5. Durham-Humprey Admendement of 1951
    Establishes two classes of Drugs OTC and RX
  6. What Federal law requries patient couseling by the pharmacist?
    ORBA 90
  7. Which MUST be registered with the DEA in order to dispense controlled substances
  8. Pharmacy B sells to Pharmacy A

    The invoice Pharmacy B completed is considered a
    Records of Dispersal
  9. With controlled 2 substances, which bottles are actually required to have an actual count
    Any C2 bottle above 1000
  10. If there is an error in a DEA 222 Form, what can the Supplier change and only change
    The package size, given there's only one package size
  11. How many hours must a Technician-in-Traning work before becoming a certified Pharmacy Technician per Nevada state board of Pharmacy
    1500 hours
  12. How long does a Tech-in-training have to complete there 1500 hours in order to become a CPht?
    2 years from start date
  13. What ring is present in the structure above Vistide (cidofovir)
  14. Image Upload 1
  15. What would be least soluble in water
  16. True statement:

    H bonded to F is going to be stronger than H bonded to Nitrogen
  17. Which of the two statements below are false
    Triglyceride sare the most abundant source of stored f uel in the body. AND

    Omega fatty acids can be saturated or unsaturated
  18. Extracellular NA
    142 mEq/L
  19. Intracellular NA
    14 mEq/L
  20. Extracellular K+
    4 mEq/L
  21. Intracellular K+
    140 mEq/L
  22. Extracellular

    3 mEq/L
  23. Lipids
    Are a major dietary componet

    Are the least soluble of the dietary elements
  24. Which of the following terms only have FUNCTIONAL definitions




  25. Which of the following salts would have the MOST equilavalents per NA
    Sodium Phosphate
  26. Which is the following salts would have the LEAST NAs
  27. Phosphate

    Charge -3
  28. The numerator of the HH equations ALWAYS REPRESENTS the
    the proton accepting species
  29. The denominator in the HH equation always represents
    a proton Donating Species
  30. Basic drugs are more likely to be absorbed from the
  31. Acidic Drugs are more likely to be absorbed by the
  32. As an acidic drug moved thru the stomach into the intestine, the acidic drug becomes more
  33. Whether a drug is acidic or basic, the unionzied species is more likely
    to be absorbed
  34. Astromax has a PkA of 5.2 and inionzed at physiological pH. The neutral (uncharged) form of Astromax is
    an acid
  35. Low bicarbonate mean
  36. Carbon monoxide is toxic because it
    competes with Oxygen for the binding of hemoglobin and myoglobin
  37. Which vitamin is responsible for reducing homocystine in the bood
    Folic Acid
  38. If a patient has a bicarbonate level that is above normal (basic) and a low PCo2 Then the pt would be
  39. Decreased bicarbonate concentration is the measure reflecting
    Metabolic Acidosis
  40. Assuming Normal NA levels, the Cl- levels and Anion GAP MUST be above normal in case of
    Metabolic Acidosis
  41. The Anion Gap can be used to determine Acid-gaining acidosis from a base-losing metabolic acidosis

    True or False
  42. If a pt is suffering from Advanced Pulmonary Disease (diminished Pulmonary Function) What would compensate the Acid/base balance?
    Increased HCO3
  43. Which of the following is least likely to be obtained from the diet?
    Neuclic Acids
  44. Hormones are categorized as
    Functional, not structural
  45. Hyperventilation does what to the pH
    Increases pH
  46. What improves O2 delivery to the patient's tissues
    Decreased Arterial pH
  47. If a patient ingested a high pH substance, what would the compensation be
    Increased pC02
  48. At a very high pH, whether an acid or a base, the drug molecule will be
    a proton accepting species
  49. If a base and an acid both have a pka value of 6, then the base will most likely
    have ion pair interactions
  50. always in higher concentration than their conjugate proton acceptors when pH is below Pka
    Proton donors
  51. Asprin (Acetylsalictic Acid) pka 3.5 is more likely to be absorbed in the
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