pathology c1

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  1. homeostasis
    the maintenance of a steady state within the body
  2. disease
    a state of functional disequilibrium that may be resolved with recovery or death
  3. anatomy
    study of the normal structure of the body
  4. physiology
    study of the normal function of the body
  5. pathology
    study of the characteristics, causes, and effects of disease
  6. pathophysiology
    study of the physiological processes leading up to disease
  7. signs
    the objective evidence of disease observed on physical examination, such as fever or pulse
  8. symptom
    an indication of disease perceived by the patient such as pain dizziness and itching
  9. syndrome
    combination of symptoms
  10. diagnosis
    the determinatino of the nature of a disease based on many factros including signs symptoms adn often lab results
  11. prognosis
    the predicted cause and outcome of a disease
  12. acute
    a disease that has a sudden onset and a short duration
  13. chronic
    a disease that may benign insidiously and be long lived
  14. terminal
    a disease ending in death
  15. remission
    the period of a chronic disease when signs and symptoms subside
  16. exacerbation
    the period of a chronic disease when signs and symptoms recur in their severity
  17. relapse
    occurs when disease returns weeks or months after its apparent cessation
  18. complication
    conditions that develop in a patient already suffereing from a disease
  19. morbidity
    the number who become sick or disabled from a disease per 100000 within a population
  20. mortality
    the number of people who die from a disease per 100000 who have a disease within a population
  21. prevalence
    the number of existing cases of a disease
  22. incidence
    the number of new cases of a disease in a population
  23. epidemiology
    the study of the occurence transmission distribution and control of disease
  24. etiology
    the cause of a disease
  25. pathogenesis
    the source or cause of an illness or abnormal condition and its development
  26. idiopathic
    describes a disease for which the cause is not known
  27. lesion
    an abnormal tissue structure or function may be the result of a wound injury or pathologic condition
  28. risk factor
    redispose an individual to the development of a disease not equivilent to cause
  29. cause
    the reason for the disease
  30. palliative/symptomatic
    designed to relieve and manage the symptoms of the disease without addressing the cause ex medicine or surgery
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