art 101 8/11 test 1

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  1. Which culture created a complex calender with interlocking wheels of time?
  2. What mythological beast can be found in all of these cultures
    Feathered sirpent
  3. What 2 things did the mayans predict?
    • Solar Eclypse 1991
    • End of the world 2012
  4. In the new Grange site what are the spirals potential symbols of?
    • Fertility
    • Hulisingetic dreams
    • Symbols of stars
    • language
  5. What was the cause of the destruction of the La venta site?
    The oil indusrty in the 1950's
  6. Bearded men are what 2 things in pre-columbian cultures?
    • Gods
    • Great thinkers
    • Associated with sirpins
  7. What date does he consistently refer to?
    10,500 B.C
  8. Poor civilation that knowledge sprouted from that sank benieth the sea?
  9. Intro To Art
    Western Concept
    Value of different kinds of art
  10. Some art is worth more than others
  11. Before renaissance art was NOT categorized
  12. Different art served different purposes, but ALL ART WAS EQUAL IN VALUE
  13. After renaissance heirarchy of importance (more important)
  14. Artists became as important is there work
  15. Renaissance: Leanardo Devinchi
  16. Some cultues have no hieracrchy( more important)
  17. All art has the same worth is some cultures
  18. Categories of art
    • Fine art
    • Pop Art
    • Kitsch
    • Craft
  19. Fine art
    THE MOST IMPORTANT kind of art
  20. Where is FINE ART Displayed?
    • In muesams
    • galleries
    • sold by art dealers
  21. The highest art form?
    Painting and sculpures
  22. ANYTHING you could make mutiples of was NOT considered a real art form
  23. 19th century what was sculpture based on?
    Greek, roman and italian renaissance influence
  24. 20th century Contemporary painting was MORE favored
  25. Contemporary high (fine) art forms 60's
  26. Installation Art
    Where the artist alters or creates an envoirment
  27. Performance art
    Where the artist is the art work (Photo, Film)
  28. POP ART
    based off pop culture
  29. Pop art was started by?
    Andy warhol in the 60's
  30. Pop Culture subject matter forms?
    Mass media, video, comics, newspaper, internet
  31. POP ART
    is shown in muesams and art galleries
  32. POP ART WAS Made by fine artists
    That went to art school
  33. pop art is sold by?
    art dealers
  34. Pop art and fine art share some of the same attributes
    Function form and some content
  35. Pop art
    Reflects what?
    Values and structures of socail systems (political hierarchy's, religious beliefs)
  36. Both pop art and fine art are shown in muesams
  37. Kitsch
    Kitsch is the lowest category of art
  38. Kitsch is mass produced
  39. Kitsch is made by?
    machine or unskilled laborer
  40. Kitsch appeals to?
  41. Kitsch is made out of?
    Cheap materials
  42. Kitsch is sold at?
    Wal-mart and convience stores
  43. Craft
    anything that is functional
  44. craft is a seperate category from all others
  45. craft is Designed and created by?
    Artisans (artisans-make functional things)
  46. Craft materials
    Fabric, pottery, jewelry, glass, weapons
  47. craft is sold by?
    the artisan or craft galleries
  48. Recent trend craft and artisans and materials are crossing over into the fine art.
  49. Aesthetic
    Pertaining to the beautiful as opposed to the functional qualities of an object. An apprecation of beauty
  50. Formal Elements
    All that makes up the physical work; itself. (Line, shape, color, texture, volume, mass)
  51. Composition
    Arrangement of the formal elemts within an artwork
  52. Subject matter
    The main thing in the art work (emphisis) Usually in the foreground
  53. Content
    All that is delt with in that work of art
  54. Focal point
    The point of concentration in an art work
  55. Medium/Media
    The materials used to create the work of art
  56. Style
    • The was you express something
    • The combination of distinctive features of literary or artistic expression, execution, or performance characterizing a particular person, group, school, or era.
  57. Mixed Media
    Art created with a variety of diffent materials
  58. Primart Colors
    A hue (color) can't be created by mixing other hues together (red, yellow and blue)
  59. Secondary colors
    A hue(color) that is created by combining two primary colors together (organge, green and violet)
  60. Monochromatic
    An artwork that contains the hue, tints and shades of only one color
  61. Tint
    add white
  62. Shade
    add black
  63. 2-D
    An artwork created on a flat surface (canvas, paper etc). It can show space that ranges in depth and perspective
  64. 3-D
    An artwork created in the round (sculpted) heith length and depth
  65. Relief
    A sculpture that is partically projection from a flat surface. mean to be viewed from the front
  66. Perspective
    Rendering the illusion of 3-d depth on a flat surface in 2-d.
  67. Foreground
    Closes to us
  68. Middle ground
    in the middle
  69. back ground
    fathers from us
  70. positive space
    shape or object in an artwork
  71. negatice space
    voids in an atwork
  72. idealized
    depicting figures or portraits that either flatter of conform with the cultural style.
  73. Realism
    Depicting everyday life without idealism hostalgia of flattery
    art that depicts forms as in the natural world
  75. Abstract
    objects or forms in an artwork aer simplified or distorted BUT STILL RECOGNIZABLE
  76. non representational
    art taht has no reference to the natural world composed of lines shapes and colors. chosen and arranged for their own expressive potential
  77. conceptual art
    the idea or concept is more important than the product created
  78. genre
    art that depicts everyday life and its surroundings
  79. still life
    a painting or other 2D work in witch the subject matter is an arrangment of objects (fruits,flowers,pottery)
  80. vanitas
    still life to remind us o the fleeting nature of lie
  81. iconography
    study or visual images or symbolic system within a work of art culturally or historically signifigant
  82. ethnocentric
    Putting ones beliefes and meanings onto artwork from another culture
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